Witches Wealth

If you are a fan of video slots online, you should be familiar with the quirky themes and designs of Microgaming video slots online. And if you are a fan of fairytales and horror films, you will have the best of both worlds in a great slot game powered by Microgaming- Witches Wealth

It’ll cast a spell on you!

Talking of Witches Wealth, you may imagine that it is something that you would have to stealthily steal or magically snitch from a rich, ugly, wicked hag. Well, not in this game! Set in a very eerie Halloween theme, this is a game where a wealthy witch and her cat will willingly share their riches with you and also give you great bonuses that you would never turn down. With generous witches, the underworld of magic and spells does seem like a happy place, after all! If you are already itching to start online video slots games, it would be great to know the rules and more importantly, the Game Play.

Witches Wealth: Rules

Perfecting a magic spell may not be all that easy, but the rules of this game sure are! Like all the other Microgaming video slots online games like Avalon, Big Kahuna, Big Break etc, Witches Wealth, too, comprises of very few rules that are easy for even the beginners to follow.
Witches Wealth is dependent on coins and coin value. So, Rule No.1 is that the more you bet, the more you win! Now, if this is your first time with this game, you are welcome to try as may free practice rounds as you like before you play with real money. Even then, you can start with low risk amounts and then climb up as you become more confident. Witches Wealth offers you a great range of coin values that you can bet to let you do this.
The second and most important rule is that you only win with combinations that are formed on pay line that have been enabled. This is a multiple pay line game, so you can choose as many as you want to enable. A pay line gets enables as soon as you place a bet on it.
There is one last thing that you should remember. Since this game has more reels and pay lines and additional special symbols, you chances of having more than one winning combination are many. In such a case, the winning combination with the highest payout is counted.

Witches Wealth: Game Play

Smooth game plays are the mark of all Microgaming video slots online games. Game Plays in these video slots online enable the players strategise and eventually, win more!
To begin playing Witches Wealth, you can choose your betting amount and the number of pay lines you want to bet upon. This is a 5 reel, 9 pay line video slot game. The minimum coin value that you can bet is 0.01 and the maximum is 0.25. The denominations can be in dollars, pounds or euros. You can place a maximum of 20 coins per betline.
To make the game play more interesting and fruitful, this game features special symbols like Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols and has two great bonus games. Hold on, we’ll come to these things in just some time!

Witches Wealth: Theme and Graphics

Witches wealth has some really impressive graphics and designs. The name suggests the theme pretty clearly. Yes, it is a Halloween based game that has an element of spook to it. Set in a dark, moonlit background with witches whizzing around on their broomsticks, this game does remind one of an eerie Halloween night. And horror is incomplete without the sound effects. There is a creepy music playing in the background that will surely send you jitters down your spine. This game is about a wealthy witch and her cat Mr. Twinkles. All the symbols can be associated with witches and spells. You’ll see potion ingredients like a jar of toad’s eyes, mandrake roots and other things like owls, gold dust broomsticks etc. Just the theme and graphics of this online video slots game is enough to cast a spell on you!

Witches Wealth: Jackpot

With wealthy witches involves in the game, the jackpot is definitely going to be magical! Witches Wealth is a multiple pay line game and therefore will have a good jackpot prize. This makes up for the fact that it is not a progressive jackpot. The jackpot in this game is a whooping $30,000. You are eligible for a jackpot only when you place a maximum bet.

Witches Wealth: Bonuses

The advantage of online slots is their special symbols and the bonus rounds. Witches Wealth has a Wild Symbol, a Scatter Symbols and not one, but two great bonus rounds!
The Wild Symbol in Witches Wealth is the witch symbol. This symbols acts like a substitute to other symbols to complete winning combinations. In this game however, the witch symbol cannot substitute the Mr. Twinkles symbol to activate the bonus rounds. However, it can substitute for the Bat Symbol to complete the scatter winning combinations. Another thing you need to make note of is that the wild symbol is valid only on enabled paylines.
The Bat Symbol in Witches Wealth is the scatter symbol. Scatter symbols are useful as they can complete winning symbols even when they do not appear in enabled pay lines. When you have a scatter winning and a regular winning combination, you are paid for both!
The Mr. Twinkles symbol does not earn you any payout. However, it can activate the Spinning Wand bonus feature. In this feature, you spin the wand to get 6 segments. Out of the six segments, five of them give you a random bonus value that is multiplied with your current betting amount. The sixth segment sends you into the second bonus feature which is the Flying Rescue Bonus Feature.
The Flying rescue bonus feature is the additional Witches wealth bonus round. When five Mr. Twinkles appear, you enter this feature. You can click on any Mr. Twinkles symbol to reveal your random bonus value. After you do this, you will see a witch flying on her broom stick. Now this witch has to avoid objects falling from the sky to rescue a falling Mr. Twinkles. If she does not succeed, your random bonus value is multiplied to your current bet amount. If she succeeds, your bonus valued is doubled. If she rescues the falling cat and comes back home, the value is tripled!
Witches Wealth is a great game to play if you are a Halloween or horror fan. There are other similarly themed games like “Lucky Witch”, “Trick or Treat” and even “Boogie Monsters”. Try them all! Good Luck!