Alien Robots

Net Entertainment has been continuously developing excellent online video slots for years. One of the best offerings from this company is Alien Robots, which blends unmatched thrills and a chance to win huge money. This NetEnt video slots online game is another manifestation of company’s excellence in the arena.

Alien Robots: What Makes The Game Unique?

Alien Robots is unique due to the extraterrestrial ambiance that it brings into a game that is very earthly – slots. The game is infused with the best of features, animations, graphics and modes of play. What makes this game unique is the number of betting options that it offers. There are 243 ways in which you can bet, in addition to a choice of 30 pay lines.

The thrill in the game comes in the form of six Alien Robots, which are Alien Robot Commander in Chief, Alien Robot Dog and aliens in four different colours of red, blue, yellow and orange. You also have a UFO scatter symbol. Expanded sticky wild increases the chances of winning on the game. Besides these, there are several other symbols that increase your chances of winning. This NetEnt video slots online game comes with more free spins than any other video slots online game. What add to the thrill are the huge prizes waiting to be won.

So, if you are looking for an online video slots game that comes with a twist, you have to play Alien Robots. Not only is the game utterly interesting, it also increases the odds in favour of you winning due to the increased flexibility in choosing pay lines and betting modes.

Alien Robots: Rules

The rules of Alien Robots are simple enough. All you have to do is spin the slot. In this game, you have five reels, 30 pay lines and 243 ways of betting. All the game buttons are provided at the bottom of the slot screen. Clicking on the centre spin button will have your slots turning.

You can choose 5 bet levels, which entail betting 1 to 5 coins on the slot. The value of coins can be varied between £0.01 and £0.05 for each spin. Betting denominations begin with 10 pennies. The game also provides an auto play options where you can set the slots to rotate 75 times. The game offers right to left as well as left to right win option. So, in essence, although there are 30 pay lines, this dual end provision makes them many more.

There are simply no complexities in Alien Robots and you do not have to do anything other than spinning. There are no layered levels or stages until jackpot. Everything is provided on the slots screen, including a chance to win jackpot which is possible when five red aliens show up on the screen. However, you also are presented with different prize options depending on the combinations that appear on the slot. Most of the prizes come with different UFO and alien combinations and in the form of free games.

Alien Robots: Game Play

To increase your chances of a win in Alien Robots, you can activate all 30 pay lines, which is also necessary if you want to play with all 243 betting options. All Ways to Win icon makes this possible. This icon is provided near the spin button. So, just click on it and activate all possible winning modes. Your wager is doubled when you do this. However, you also increase your chances of winning since all you need is three Alien Robots to win a prize. So, the probability is much higher this way.

If you do not want to activate all options of winning and prefer playing with a few, you can bet up to five coins for every reel. Although this is a low risk options, the probability of wins come down as well.

Alien Robots: Themes and Graphics

The alien theme of this game lends it a uniqueness that is absent in several other online video slots. In keeping with the high quality of NetEnt video slots online games, this game is excellently planned and executed as well. The features are very appealing along with effective sound effects and animations.

Alien Robots: Jackpot

The jackpot in Alien Robots is 50,000 coins. In cash, you can win a maximum of £25,000. However, this game does not provide progressive jackpot option. The amount is fixed.

Alien Robots: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

Bonuses are ample in Alien Robots. You can win up to 50 free games depending on how many aliens, scatters and sticky wilds turn up on the screen. There is no multiplier option in the game. However, since there are so many bonuses and free games offered, you will not really miss the multiplier option.

Alien Robots is so popular all over the world because it gives you more winning options. Prizes can be won beginning from three UFOs on the screen. When three UFOs show up on the screen, you win ten free games. Four scatters give you twenty free games and when you get five scatters on the screen, you get fifty free games. In addition, the extended sticky wild is a great option that can get you more prizes. These wilds are accumulated during the free spin games and their number on the screen increases with every spin that you take.

In addition, Alien Robots does have a multi-layered free spin system. This means that if you hit 50 free spin jackpots within any of your free spins, you get them as well. So, in essence, if lady luck favours you, you can win in loops and make hordes of money.

If you like this NetEnt video slots online game, there are several others by the same developer that you can try. Some of the good ones are Dragon Island, Frankenstein and Robin Hood. So, get your computer on and experience the thrill of online casino gaming right from your home. There are so many options in these games that you are sure to have a great time playing slots.