Boom Brothers

NetEnt video slots online games are not just virtual slot machines; they are an experience that every player will remember. With unique themes and graphics and great payouts, these online video slots will definitely leave you wanting more. One such fun, user friendly video slots online is Boom Brothers.

Rubies and Diamonds, Bro!

A treasure hunt rolled into a game of luck, that’s what Boom Brothers is all about. More on that later. For now, you ought to understand what makes this game a lot more exciting that other online video slots.
The features of Boom Brothers are designed in such a way hat you will never walk away empty handed. There are so many bonus options that you can be assured of very generous payouts.
The game offers the regular NetEnt video slots online games features like wild cards, scatter cards and free bonus spin rounds. In addition to that, you also have the 2nd chance bonus feature, the Boom Brother’s bonus feature and the rail track bonus feature.
Read on and know more about all these exciting bonus rounds and the rules of this game.

Boom Brothers: Rules

Boom Brothers is not only great visually; it is also great in terms of the payout it gives you. This online slot game has so many bonus options that big bucks are guaranteed! It’s a 5 reel, 20 pay line game. This means that there are 5 reels available for you to get your winning combinations.

Boom Brothers: Game Play

The coin denominations are between $0.01 to $1 and you can play up to 5 coins per bet line. The maximum money that you can bet is $100 per pay line. The maximum payout per bet line for this online video slots game is 7500 credits per pay line.
In one spin, you may get more than one winning combination. However, the one with the highest payout on an enabled payline is counted. A pay line is enabled the moment you place a bet on it.

Wild Symbols: The bomb symbol here is the wild symbol. This symbol acts as a substitute to other symbols in order to complete winning combinations.
When wild symbols appear consecutively on a reel, the can also form winning symbols that increase your payout. The bomb wild symbol does not play the role of a multiplier

This symbol cannot replace the Scatter Symbol to activate the Free Spin Bonus Round. It cannot replace the rail track symbol to activate the Rail Track bonus or the Boom Brothers Bonus Feature.

Scatter Symbols: The free spins symbol and the rail track symbols form the scatter symbols in Boom Brothers. These symbols need not appear in consecutive reels and may appear anywhere on the 5 reels in order to form winning combinations.
The rail track symbol only appears on reels 1, 2 and 3 and when this symbol appears in these three reels consecutively, it activates the rail track bonus feature.
The free bonus round is activated when three or more free spins symbols appear anywhere on these 5 reels.
The scatter symbols do not win you any prize money. However, they do activate bonus features that increase your chances of winning more money.

Boom Brothers: Themes and Graphics

Boom Bothers is a 3D video slots online game. It is not only exciting but strange in terms of its themes and graphics. The theme of this game is three brothers digging around for gold, rubies and diamonds. The game itself begins with a dramatic animated piece to drill the theme into the mind of the player. The graphics are completely unexpected and unique and offer a great experience to the players.
During the game you will actually see small explosions when a wild card forms a winning combination. When you get a winning combination, the characters do a small jig to unique victory music. All these elements make you fall in love with Boom Brothers from the very first spin!

Boom Brothers: Jackpot

To start playing this game, all you need to do is decide the amount that you want to place in the bet. Then choose the number of bet lines you want to play. In case you want to go for the jackpot, you will have to place the maximum bet. Like any other game, the players who risk more, win more. You have an auto play feature as well where the slot machine will automatically play a few spins for you. You can also control your combinations with the stop spin option where you can stop a spinning reel when you want by just clicking ‘Spin’ again.

Boom Brothers: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multiplier Features

The Boom Brothers free spins round is activated when three or more free spins symbols appear in any of the five reels. The number of free spins is determined by the number that appears on the free spins symbol. Each symbol has a number and the sum of these reveals the number of free spins that you will get.
All the payouts for the winning combinations in the free spin round are tripled. The payout depends on the bet amount that you placed on the game that activated the free spin round. During a free spin if you activate another free spin bonus, the free spins just get added.
You can also trigger the Rail Track Feature, Boom Brothers Feature, and the 2nd Chance Win, however, money won in the Free Spin Bonus Round multiplier value does not apply to the Rail Track Feature or Boom Brothers Feature.

The rail track bonus in Boom Brothers gets activated when three railtrack symbols appear in a line in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reel. When this happens, the last two reels are re-spun. The aim is to complete the rail track. If you succeed in doing this, you get the Boom Brothers bonus feature and your payout is multiplied by 4. If your rail track is missing one piece, your payout is tripled and if it is missing two tracks, it gets doubled and you return to the regular game.

Boom Brothers bonus feature is activated when you complete the rail track in a rail track bonus feature. The aim of this bonus feature is to help one of the three brother’s race to blast a rock face. There are gems, gold and bonus prizes waiting for you. Three mining cart appear below and you need to keep clicking on them till one of the brothers reaches the rock face. Each time you click, the carts will reveal diamonds, rubies, gold or steps for the brothers to advance. Once you complete this feature, the bonus prize is added to your win and you are returned to a regular game.

The second chance feature is a random bonus in Boom Brothers. It can get activated at any time during the game, even during free spins if no winning combinations have occurred. When this feature is activated, one of the brothers will appear on the screen and rearrange the symbols. If you are lucky to get a winning combination, the prize gets added to the money you have already won.

Boom Brothers has all the great features of slot games powered by NetEnt. Other games that you might want to try are “Arabian Nights”, “Fruit Case” and “Pandoras Box”. Keep playing and good luck!