Crusade of Fortune

This is a NetEnt video slots online game which is generally known as Crusades of fortune which sweeps you into realms of fantasy and magic, a world to marvel and wonder in. This game draws people from different regions of the world because it is adventurous and exciting.

Give Wings to your Imagination in the world of Crusades

The Crusades of fortune which is another video slots online game will fire your imagination as you think of the crusades you will be playing with. The experience of playing Crusades of fortune generates a lot of excitement with the crusades’ symbols used in the game.

The game Crusades of fortune is introduced by NetEnt video slots online for the purpose of attracting customers and giving them a unique experience of gambling online. The game has 5 reels to choose from and features 20 paylines from where you can choose the number of paylines and reels with which you want to wager. Various symbols of swords and crusades are featured in the game to make the experience of the player exceptional with the enthusiasm of fights.

Jackpots can also be won in the game Crusades of fortune with jackpot coins of as much as 100,000 coins and 20,000 dollars in currency. You can bet 20 coins per line with the range of 0.1 to 0.20 dollars range of the coins bet. In the game Crusades of fortune free spin is present which can be used by you to spin the reels for an extra round.
The highest amount of money won will be paid to you and the combinations of the wins are displayed in the pay table where you can refer to your combinations in which you won.

Crusades of fortune: Rules

Like the other games like Fortune teller slots, Jack and the beanstalk, Robin Hood shifting riches, Ghost pirate slots, and many more online video slots games, the game Crusades of fortune also has its own set of rules and directions of playing the game which you must follow.

First of all in Crusades of fortune, select the number of bet lines and the bet level at which you want to play the game. You can try clicking on the bet level button provided to change the number of level. You can also use the button to allot a certain number of coins per bet line in the game Crusades of fortune. Secondly, you can add one coin for every click you make. You can choose the number of bet lines you want to play with in the game. Bet line symbols are also present which you can use to select the bet lines. The number of net lines chosen is shown in the game board. You can click on the COIN VALUE button in this online video slots game which helps you select the coin value with which you play the game. You can raise the coin value by clicking on the button COIN VALUE. On the left screen the total bet amount is shown. There is a game panel slot where you can find the amount you have betted. You can also take the bet to its highest amount just by clicking on the MAX BET button provided in the game. By selecting the MAX BET you will be selecting the highest amount of bet line and amount as well as highest bet level for playing the game. After you have selected the MAX BET button the reels will automatically start to rotate. The spin button present on the game Crusades of fortune can be used to rotate the reels.

Crusades of fortune: Game Play

The Crusades of fortune is a NetEnt video slots online game, which makes you imagine the crusaders and the powers they possessed. You can feel like a warrior while playing the game while you fight against orc. The game also features free spins and bonus rounds. You can activate the free spin by achieving three or more scatter symbols which is imperative to activate the free spin. You will be paid the amount of total bets multiplied by the scatters when won in scatter symbols.

You can bet in the game within the range from as low as 0.01 dollars to a maximum of 80 dollars per bet line. The game Crusades of fortune also provides free bonus and spins while you achieve all the three scatter symbols. By collecting three scatter symbols, you can win free spins for ten spins as much and achieving scatter symbols more than three, you can win 20 free spins and also can get 30 free spins if you achieve the scatter symbol Dwarf Hammerer.

Crusade of fortune: Theme and Graphics

The game Crusades of fortune comes with an exciting range of graphical presentation of the theme of crusaders, who were people with a passionate fighting spirit. There are symbols of crusaders along with symbols of different kinds and types of swords. The theme depicts the magic and the powers which once these crusaders possessed. Scatter symbols, wild symbols and other symbols can also be found in this video slots online game.

Crusades of fortune: Jackpot

Besides bonus rounds and free spins the game Crusades of fortune also comes with a jackpot round which makes you even more energised to play. You will be amazed to know that jackpot cash as much as 20,000 dollars can be won on the jackpot round. So try your luck too.

Crusades of fortune: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

The Orc is a mammoth sized threatening warrior who stands for the Bonus sign. Three Orcs (at least) across a payline means that it is time for the Lady Warrior to challenge the Orc. This she does to the best of her ability. During this exciting duel, if the Orc is slain by the Warrior Lady, and if she also purloins his treasure, then you carry away additional bonus points. This is called the Battle Bonus Round. Up to 250 000 coins may be won in this round.