Dead or Alive

You can always rely on NetEnt, to go online and dissolve into the world of the wild west of the days of old by playing Dead or Alive video slots online games. When you click the link play Dead or Alive for free, you have an option to play the game without any investment and for pure fun. This video slot machine game can be played on 9 lines in 5 reels. Every time you insert a coin, you will be offered another pay line.

Enjoy the Dead or Alive Gaming Thrill

Netent video slots online has made Dead or Alive the most popular online video slots game. This game is very simple and player friendly. When you click on the site you are offered a variety of games to choose from and many playing options appear on your monitor. This video slots online game offers you 9 play line multi coin options on 5 reels.
The Dead or Alive internet slot machine game can also be played for real money, where you can bet from 1 up to 4, starting from a minimum amount of 0.01 and raising it to a maximum of 18.00 per spinning. The denominations of real money ranges from 0.01 up to 0.50 per pay line! If you win, you can earn up to 1500 credits per line bet, which is the maximum pay-out in a regular Dead or Alive multiline slot machine game.

Dead or Alive: Rules

Dead or Alive game, allows each player to play from 1 to 9 lines and that too on 5 reels. If you win then the average rate of return on your wager may be a little less than 100 percent. When you have double wins or those that coincide on different pay lines, they are added and the pay-out depends upon the collection at the pay table.

When you are playing Dead or Alive video slots online your winnings depend upon the highest combination on each enabled pay line but this is not the case with scatter wins. It is not necessary that the scatter symbols appear on a disabled pay line to make you eligible for the win. Your regular symbols pay from reel 1 to reel 5, except for the scatter symbols to your pay line wins; bonus and scatter game wins are added.

Dead or Alive: Game Play

Netent video slots online allow you to start playing Dead or Alive from a minimum of 1 coin up to 4 coins on every line you bet. Wild symbols on your slot will double your winnings. Your winning combinations will multiply when multiple symbols start appearing. Pay outs are made only for every winning combination. Suppose when you are playing on your 9 lines, you get 6 winning combinations, then you will be awarded credits for the highest winning combinations.

The wild symbol is the wanted poster symbol in the Dead or Alive online video slots. This symbol helps you to complete a winning combination by acting as a substitute for other symbols. The wanted poster wild symbol cannot substitute the scatter symbol, which is the Colt 45, Six Shooter symbol. The scatter symbol, if scattered anywhere on the 5 reels can get you a winning combination, if you have 2 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the 5 reels.

Dead or Alive, the video slots online, will earn you a free spin bonus round game if you have 3 or more scatter symbols of Colt 45 Six Shooter scattered anywhere on 5 reels. When a free spin bonus round game is complete , all your free spin games are added to your win total and you are returned back to your regular Dead or Alive slot machine game.

Dead or Alive: Themes and Graphics

The Dead or Alive introduced by NetEnt video slots online is a western inspired theme slot game which allows you real big wins with striking animation and sounds designed to announce big wins. The rich graphics are of wanted bandits and sticky wild features that spin during free spins, allowing the players to get excited as if they were in the Wild West.
The online video slots game has 3 symbols, and one is the scatter symbol, which is of the Colt 45 Six Shooter The wanted poster is the wild symbol of bandits, and the sticky wild symbols hold the positions on the reels during the free spin bonus round games.

Dead or Alive: Jackpot

Dead or Alive from the house of Netent video slots online offers you a jackpot that can earn you a maximum winning of cash up to 20000. Your jackpot lies in the centre of the 3rd wheel. To win the cash prize you have to conquer each wheel. Every wheel you cross you gain odds in your favour of getting the right hits, that is if the outer most wheel has arrow on every alternate slot.

If you can stop the wheel at an arrow, you get to take the 2nd spin on the 2nd inner wheel of fortune. Now is your chance to go for the jackpot and try your luck to get the wheel to stop at each of the 4 arrows. When the final wheel stops, you have all the arrows pointing to your Dead or Alive Jackpot.

Dead or Alive: Free Spins, Bonuses and 3x Multiplier

Dead or Alive offers free spree bonus round games, when the scatter symbols are scattered on the 5 reels in 3 or more numbers of Colt 45 Six Shooters. The wild poster symbol cannot activate the free spin bonus round game. During a free spin game, the 12 free spins that you are awarded are doubled along with all your winning combinations and you get paid for the highest combination.

Dead or Alive is an online slot machine game from the famous Netent video slot online which also has similar games on the internet such as Super Eighties, The Groovy Sixties, Tales of Krakow and Super Lucky Frog. So come and try your luck with us!