Diamond Dogs

From the exciting world of Netent video slots online, comes yet another enthralling game, the Diamond Dogs. What are you waiting for? Register right away and start making big bucks.

Bow Bow! Get Set Play!

The latest celebrity dog entertainment video slots online game, Diamond Dogs has been rolled out to you from underneath the sleeves of Netent video slots online. Created by Netent, the game of Diamond Dogs features the rich and famous of the doggy world. In this video slots online game you can play for 5 reels and the slot game comprises 25 paylines. You can win the jackpot of a whopping 10,000 coins with the bejewelled and wild Rottweiler as your protagonist.

The Diamond Dogs game features free spins, wilds, scatters and several bonus games under the ply for fun mode.

What are you waiting for? Read through this article to know all about the Diamond Dogs online video slots game and get set play!

Diamond Dogs: Rules

Let us first tell you how to go about playing the Diamond Dogs game brought to you by the renowned Netent Software.

Diamond Dogs video slot online game features 5 reels and 25 bet lines. You can bet on any of the lines starting from 1 and ending on 25 and level 1 to 4 in coins. The scatters and bonus symbols in the Diamond Dogs online video slot game will be replaced by supports wild symbols. When you earn ten or more free spins, you will be awarded with three or more scatter symbols. And to add to this excitement, all your wins will also be tripled while you play the free spin rounds.

If you are lucky and you get to play an additional bonus game, then three Diamond Dogs bonus symbols will be awarded to you. You will get to choose a dog who will pose as a photographer and click photographs for you till you spot the dirty paw and your Diamond Dogs game comes to a halt.

Diamond Dogs: Game Play

Introducing to you, Rottweiler, the Chihuahua! He is not only the scatter for you, but will also help you win bets in the x multiplier. Make sure you get hold of several free spins, for that will triple your win. If you encounter 3, 4 or 5 Chihuahua symbols, 10 points will be rewarded to you. While you are involved in an active bet line, the bonus symbol of the Paparazzi dog might flash before you from left to right on your screens. Don’t forget to collect those bonus points by clicking on them. When you are clicking on the dogs to collect the bonus, all you are doing is taking pictures of the celebrity dogs walking the red carpet. To earn several bonus points, all you have to do is go on clicking the pictures till you stumble upon the dirty paw print ending the bonus round.

Other symbols while playing this video online slots is the doggie on a vacation mode, the doghouse made of bamboo, a fire hydrant for VIPs, a dog dish with steaks and champagne made of diamond, a bone wrapped in silk, a cute blue bow and collars with poker symbols carved on them in gold and diamond. Wow! The video online slots game of Diamond Dogs is definitely one amazing Paparazzi event for doggies!

You know it that you have to spin the reel when a dog barks. If you mistakenly step on poop, a wild dog gnarls. So look before you leap! This online video slots game from Netent features the perfect set for lime light hogging doggies from Hollywood that are not uncommon these days.

Diamond Dogs: Theme and Graphics

If you like to dress up your pooch with blings and designer outfits, then the Netent video slots online game of Diamond Dogs is just for you. The theme of Diamond Dogs is simple yet quirky. It all begins with how much you are willing to bet. Then according to your bet, all you have to do is start barking up the jackpot tree. The minimum bet amount that you can place is 0.01 and you can eventually increase it to 20. Once you have decided on your bet, give the spin button a click and start earning!

You have to overcome obstacles in every level of the Diamond Dogs game to move to the next round. The Graphics in the Diamond Dogs game is enormously life like. The dogs with their blings and expensive wear will take your breath away. Be it the spirited pit-bull in its gold chains or the Chihuahua with its pink glasses, the graphics are life-like. With the bright colours that they are portrayed in and the various surprises tucked away in every nook and corner, you will surely love the Diamond Dogs.

Diamond Dogs: Jackpot

The maximum jackpot that you can lay your hands on in this game is a whopping 10,000 coins with 25 playlines on the rack. That is such an easy way to become rich, isn’t it?
Now read through the bonuses and free spins before you start with the do.

Diamond dogs: Bonuses & Free Spins

The fierce looking pit-bull substitutes for all the symbols other than the scatter and the bonus ones. Rottweiler, the pink spectacled Chihuahua is the scatter symbol. When you click on this symbol, you can win up to ten free spins and in turn you will triple your winnings. Three bonus icons will activate the bonus round in which all you have to do is photograph three celebrity dogs from the league of canines walking the red carpet. Each picture that you click will earn you points.

Netent video slots online knows exactly how to keep you attached to the game that even when it is over, you crave for more! You can also try your luck in several other games like Ghost Pirates or the Devil’s Delight. So, log in right away and start playing Diamond Dogs!