Egyptian Heroes

Egyptian Heroes is a game developed by Net Entertainment, a Swedish game developer with a reputation for developing casino games. This NetEnt video slots online game is a super blend of ancient Egyptians graphics and the thrill of slots.

What Makes the Games Special?

The best thing about Egyptian Heroes is undoubtedly the graphics and animations. Along with new features that have been added to the basic slots principle, this game brings more excitement through the ancient pharaoh kind of ambiance that it creates.

This NetEnt video slots online game features new winning combinations and that can give you thousands of pounds in cash money and thousands of more coins to play with. With the inclusion of multiplier option, ability to bet up to 200 coins and a wider betting range than several other casino games, Egyptian Heroes is a delight visually as well as monetarily. The odds of winning are good in the game.

Special symbols in Egyptian Heroes are provided in the form of Egyptian Gods and Heroes. These can get you lots of prizes. In short, although the game has the basic slot rules and way of gaming, it is these special symbols, theme, animations, graphics and jackpot that make the game unique. This is not just another game that blends Egypt with slots. This is unique by virtue of its originality and interesting depiction of characters and symbols.

Egyptian Heroes: Game Rules

Egyptian Heroes is played based on the normal slot rules. This is a five reel online video slots with twenty pay line options. As usual, you need to click the centre button on the slots screen to make the reels spin. The various combinations that come up on the screen make you eligible for various features such as free spins. A new addition in this online video slots game is the Golden Bet Line. If you get a hit on this line, you get multipliers that increase your win amount.

Betting begins from £0.01 and goes up to £0.50. You have a choice of betting up to 10 coins per line, which makes the total bet amount at 200 coins. The game consists of expanding wilds that can give you varying number of free spins depending on the winning combinations. You can win up to twenty free spins in the game. The rules of the game are pretty simple. So, all you have to do is let the reels spin and enjoy the Egyptian ambiance. The game features Autoplay option where you can fix a certain number of spins. Your physical presence is not required. However, you cannot change settings from the moment auto play begins and until it ends. Only one winning combination per pay line is awarded. In case, several turn up, you get the one that grosses maximum money.

Egyptian Heroes: Game Play

In order to increase your win chances, it is good to bet on all the pay lines. This also increases your chances of hitting on the Golden Bet line. The game has this special feature in which it converts one of the pay lines into the Golden bet line. This line has multipliers ranging from two to five. So, if you get a match on this line, your win money multiples the respective number of times. This line is almost like the jackpot in the game.

Bets can be placed on each line and you can bet up to 10 coins on each of them. The stars of this game are its multipliers. You can make the most of these multipliers by betting on a higher number of lines. The expanding wild symbol works in your favour as it increases winning chances.

Egyptian Heroes: Themes and Graphics

The graphics of Egyptian Heroes are exceptionally good. The wild symbol of the game is the pyramid. The game also has sticky wild or expanded wild symbol. This symbol appears on the centre reel of the slot screen and increases the chances of win. Also, if pyramid wild symbol appears on reel 2 and 4, it expands and covers the entire row and helps in completing combinations that can give you wins.

The scatter symbol is the typical pharaoh image. These symbols do not need to appear in a line. They can be scattered anywhere on the screen. You get free spins and other bonus offers depending on the number of scatter symbols. In Egyptian Heroes, more than three scatter symbols entail free spins.

Egyptian Heroes: Jackpot

Maximum coins that you can win as jackpot in Egyptian Heroes are 40000. The net money in cash that can be won is up to £20,000. Egyptian Heroes jackpot is non progressive.

Egyptian Heroes: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

The expanding wild symbol, which is the pyramid, in this NetEnt video slots online game can give you higher chances of win. These wild symbols appear in the centre of the reel. If you can hit on all three middle symbols, you get multipliers. Another symbol, the pharaohs’ tombs, can get you free spins. In order to be eligible for these free spins, you need at least three of these symbols on any one of the pay lines that you have chosen. Three pharaohs will get you ten free spins, four will get you fifteen and five will get you twenty free spins. However, the wild symbol cannot be used as a substitute to for pharaohs to win these free spins. Also, when free spins go on, you cannot alter your settings, including pay line selection.

If you win more free spins within free spin options in Egyptian Heroes, they are cumulated to give you more free spins in continuation. There is no limit to the free spins that are awarded in this fashion. So, hypothetically or if you are exceptionally lucky on the day, you can go on winning hundreds of free spins. The money that you win during free spins is added to your total win amount. The Golden Bet Line can get you lot of money. This line is available but changes with every spin in Egyptian Heroes.

Egyptian Heroes online video slots game from the house of NetEnt is a spectacular depiction of ancient Egypt with all characteristics like pharaohs, pyramids and gold. Since Egypt and the pyramids have always been synonymous with treasure quests, this theme is just apt for a slot game.

You can enjoy several other video slots online games along with Egyptian Heroes such as Mythic Maiden, Flowers, Trolls and Gold Rush from the same developer. They are well themed, well presented and expertly executive to give you the best casino experience on your computer and from your home.