If you are a beginner to the online video slots world, you will absolutely love Flowers. This is a great game with bright and cheerful displays that give you a break from the regular flashy NetEnt video slots online

It’s Spring Time!

One of the simplest video slots online, Flowers will send you to the magical season of spring with its chirpy graphics and playful characters. With special symbols and unique features, even beginner can make big bucks with Flowers.

The special symbols include scatter symbols, wild symbols and double symbols. These special symbols raise your chances of winning a bet by completing and creating winning Flowers combinations. The only missing feature in this game is the progressive jackpot. However, since the game is designed for those who are relatively new to this NetEnt video slots online game, the payouts are still very good!

Do you want to try a hand at Flowers? Well, read on to learn all the rules and tricks first!

Flowers: Game Rules

Flowers is a 5 reel, 30 pay line game. The advantage of having so many pay lines is clearly that you can get winning combinations with your spins rather than just consecutive symbols. This makes sure that all your bets are multiplied and you do not lose much! Flowers can be played for free or with real money. The coin denomination to play Flowers starts at €0.01 and goes up to €0.5. The maximum number of coins per payline is 5. So that means with 30 pay lines, you can place bets of up to €75. And you can win a maximum payout of 5000 credits of per bet line!

The payout depends completely on the combination that appears once the reel stops. You may have more than one winning combination every time you spin. However, with Flowers, the combination that gives the maximum payout is selected and that amount is added to the total amount that you win. So spin and win. That’s as simple as it gets!

Flowers: Game Play

Start by clicking “Betline” to choose the number of lines you want to play and the amount you want to bet. If you want to give the Flowers jackpot a shot, place a maximum bet by clicking “MaxBet”

Start the game by clicking the “Spin” button and the amount that you have bet will be automatically deducted from your account.

You can even make use of the skill stop feature that allows you to control the symbols that appear by clicking spin again while the reels are still in motion and bringing them to a stop to create a winning combination!

Double Symbols: Double symbols always have two symbols on one reel. You’ll have two roses, two bluebells etc. In Flowers, each of these double symbols counts as two separate symbols. They are very useful in completing your winning combination. The total number of symbols on an enabled payline determines the payout of each game.

Wild Symbols: The Sun symbol acts as a wild symbol. The wild symbol can substitute any other symbol to complete your winning combination. If you get up to three Sun Symbols simultaneously on one reel while playing a free bonus spin game, you create a stacked sun. This stacked sun increases your chances of getting larger payouts by completing winning combinations.

However, the Sun wild symbol cannot be used as a substitute to scatter symbols and Double symbols.

Scatter symbols: The Cloud Free Spin symbol is the scatter symbol in this online video slots game. The advantage of a scatter symbol is that it can appear even on pay lines that have not been enabled and still form a winning combination. If you get three or more Cloud Free Spin symbols anywhere on the five reels, you can get a payout. Getting 4 or more of these scatter symbols on any of the five reels means that your Free Bonus Spin game gets activated!

Flowers: Themes and Graphics

NetEnt Video slots online are known for their interesting themes and graphics. But Flowers presents a refreshing break from their otherwise snazzy and movie-like graphics. The makers of the game definitely know how to capture the magic of spring virtually. The song birds, the bright sun and colourful flowers; one can find all of this in one spin of the game.

However, there is an interesting feature to their graphics. While one would expect the flowers to be bright and inanimate images, they are actually in the form of playful characters. You can find grumpy roses, overtly cheerful sunflowers, lazy and sluggish blue bells, cunning Venus flytraps and smug pink gardenias! With each flower having its own characters, it is clear that the makers of Flowers have taken a totally new route while designing the theme of this video slots online game! The game lives up to everything that you would expect from a warm, colourful spring day!

Flowers: Jackpot

To win the jackpot, you should place the maximum bet of 5 coins per bet line of €0.5 coin value. If you can get five Sun Symbols in a row, you win the Jackpot which can go up to 5000 coins!

Flowers: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multiplier Features

The most exciting feature of Flowers besides the great display and whacky symbols is the Free Bonus Spin Round. You can win free spins every time you get 4 to 10 cloud free spin symbols scattered anywhere across the 5 reels. Your Free Spin Bonus game can earn you 10- 30 free spins depending on the number of scatter symbols. Keep in mind that when a Double Cloud Free Spin Symbol appears in Flowers, it counts as two separate symbols. This can be of great help to win you free spins

All payouts during free spins are tripled! And if you get 4 or more cloud free spin symbols you get an additional 10,15,20,25 or 30 free spins depending on the number of scatter spins appearing on your screen.

The betting amount is the same as the one in the game of Flowers that activated your free spins. Once you have finished all your free spins, you return to the regular game.

Once you get a hang of this lovely online ‘one-arm-bandit’, try other games by NetEnt like “Arabian Nights”, “Jack Hammer” and many to have yourself a chance of walking away with big bucks!