Frankenstein is one of the latest creations offered by NetEnt, a company that is famous for creating some of the most exciting online casino games. Frankenstein is one of the most thrilling and breath-taking games offered by the Net Entertainment. With its realistic sounds, mind-blowing graphics and attractive themes, the NetEnt has not failed in matching up to the players’ expectations. These netent video slots online game will definitely keep you hooked to the game for hours.

Frankenstein: The Symbols

Frankenstein is a 5 reel, 3 row and 20 pay line slots that not only includes a monstrous theme but has some great multipliers which increase the chances of winning. To top it all, is the jackpot prize that goes up to 15000 coins.

Unlike other video slots online, Frankenstein offers a huge winning potential. It has some amazing features that will increase the chances of winning. The rules of this game are not very complicated. There are basically two types of Wild symbols – the Lightning Wild symbol and the Fire Wild symbol. The Lightening Wild symbol appears on the second, third and fourth reels. These symbols turn 2 or more nearby symbols into wild. The Fire Wild symbol pretty much does the same work but unlike the Lightning Wild symbol, it is guaranteed to appear after each free spin. These Wild symbols offer huge pay wins when combined with other winning permutations. The Wild symbols are only assigned to replace regular symbols and not the Scatter or Multiplier symbols.

Another important symbol is the Burning Windmill symbol which is also treated as the Scatter symbol. With every 3 or more Windmill symbols in each spin, a bonus of 10 free spins is offered. This will lead you into a different set of reels.

At this stage, the Multiplier symbol comes into play. Here the greater the number of Multiplier symbol that appears in every free spin, the greater advantage you get. A maximum of x5 multipliers can be gained and once this has been achieved, the Multiplier symbol is removed from the last reel.

Frankenstein: Rules

Frankenstein abides by the normal rules that are followed by any online video slots game. A player chooses a coin size and after selecting the number of pay lines, decides the number of coins to bet on each line. The player can activate up to 20 pay lines and the maximum bet for each spin goes up to £100. The player then begins the game by spinning the reels using a button. The reels start moving and when they halt, the winning calculations are done automatically. These are calculated on the basis of the winning combinations of the symbols.

Frankenstein: Game Play

The Frankenstein slots offer a wide range of options. The betting option range from as low as £0.10 to as high as £0.50 and allows placing 10 coins in a single line. It offers 10 betting levels which are equivalent to 200 coins per spin. Frankenstein also offers coins of different sizes. It also offers a maximum bet of £100. Hence, this video slots online game can be played by small betters as well as those who like to live on the edge by betting big.

All netent video slots online games are user friendly and therefore Frankenstein is no exception. Step by step instructions are given to help the players. The auto play mode is also quite helpful. The game gives an opportunity to choose the number of pay lines.

Frankenstein: Themes and Graphics

Frankenstein has become one of the most popular games in the online video slots circuit. This game is based on the famous novel by Mary Shelly and the great horror film by Universal studio released in 1930. Therefore, Frankenstein – the monster is a familiar name for all. This was initially designed for Halloween but, seeing its popularity, it was retained. Hence a newer and better version was created by adding some exciting features, making it one of the most attractive online video slots game. The Gothic theme has been maintained by using some extraordinary graphics and cinematic sounds which also help in enhancing the graveyard atmosphere created for the Frankenstein slots.

This game is derived from the monster like character Frankenstein. Therefore, the theme is kept in accordance with the story. The Gothic theme of this game is complemented by authentic sounds and high quality graphic designs. These special effects create an eerie feeling which helps in maintaining the theme all throughout. The graphics used to create the symbols are of high standards which make the games more interesting.

Frankenstein makes the maximum use of the creepy theme. Its reels are filled with monsters, the jars are filled with brains and the main characters are familiar to the horror movies – Fritz and Doctor Frankenstein. These characters make the game lively.

Frankenstein: Jackpot

Even if the game does not have progressive jackpot, it definitely offers a huge jackpot prize to the players. The moment the player gets 5 monster symbols on an active pay line, he receives the prize. This goes up to 1500 times the bet line. This is also active during the free spin feature. The 5x multiplier raises the jackpot to five times the bet line. The total prize that can be won is nearly £38,000. This game has a lot of lucrative offers. This is the reason that it has been in high demand. It has proved to be one of the most popular games and has secured its position in premium casinos.

Frankenstein: Bonuses, Free Spins and 5x Multiplier

This game gives its players a special free spin bonus. This feature is triggered by a special permutation of symbols. For every 3 or more windmill symbols, a player gets 10 free spins. This helps the player to move on to the next reel. The 5x multiplier helps a player in winning some great prizes. Each and every appearance of a multiplier symbol increases the win multiplier by one and can go up to 5x, therefore, increasing the prize money. Frankenstein definitely stands out as a winner when compared to other online casino games.

If you play this NetEnt video slots online game and enjoy it, there are several other themed slot games that you can try. Kings of Chicago, Jackhammer, Blood Suckers and Ghost Pirates offer loads of fun and wins. So, give them a try and you are sure to come out entertained and happy.