Funky Seventies

The Funky Seventies is yet another jazzy and cool NetEnt video slots online game which brings the funky era of the 70’s back. Try your hand at this unique NetEnt game and you will be virtually transported to the old yet memorable ‘classic’ times.

Get Rock and Rolling

You’ll automatically reminisce the good old times of the 70’s while playing the Funky Seventies. Those were the days of the shiny disco balls, rock and roll, big cars, colorful shades, platform shoes, hippies and cassettes. This video slots online game is a five reel, four – row and forty bet line slot which features stalked wilds, free spins and scatter wins.
The Funky Seventies boats 3 scatter symbols, which are animated and they trigger five Free Spins. If you score yourself a Free Spin then your wins would automatically be doubled for, which is up to a staggering $60,000!
Let’s read more below and know about the game and its rules.

Funky Seventies: Rules

This game is easy and like any of the other online video slots games created by NetEnt, like Dead or Alive, Mega fortune, Hot City and many others – fun and exciting to play.
Funky Seventies boasts free spins, stacked wilds and scatter wins. Here you can easily play one to forty bet lines and at one to five bet levels. A maximum bet can play the Funky Seventies at the top most bet level, maximum or utmost bet lines as well as the coin value which has been preselected. With the spin button you can play at the bet level and at the current and active bet lines. The AUTO button will automatically play your game for the number of various rounds selected. Payouts and winning combinations in this NetEnt online video slots game are made generally, as per the pay table.

Your win at the bet lines with Funky Seventies will be multiplied times, the number of total coins that you bet on each bet line. The Wild Symbol in the game is substituted for all the other symbols, leaving the scatter symbols. Many wild symbols in Funky Seventies, on every reel will line up for creating stacked wilds. If you score three scatter symbols, then you are paid two times your bet amount. The scatter wins in the game are always paid independent or autonomous of the bet lines that have been selected. Only the top or the highest win each active or current bet line is paid for.

The wins on the bet lines pay, only if they are in a sequence and succession, i.e. from left most to the right most. Concurrent wins on other various bet lines are also added. The more is the number of the selected bet lines, the higher are the chances of winning with the stacked wilds. When playing this video online slots game, there might be some features of the games which might not be available during the mode ‘Playing for Fun’

Funky Seventies: Game Play

Playing this NetEnt video slots online game gets better and absorbing each time you come back for it. Click on ‘bet lines’ for placing your bet and choose the no. of lines that you want to place your bet on. Every click will add 1 line to your bet and will highlight or play up the bet lines up on your computer screen. You also can choose the bet lines when you click the symbols made for the bet lines towards the slot machines sides, on your screen. The present no. of the bet lines would be represented in a display, which is below your on screen game buttons.

The value of the coin in the Funky Seventies portrayed in the little display, which is again below the buttons for slots, on your screen. The total ‘coins’ bet amount is shown in a display, which is to the slot machines’ buttons’ left, and your total bet amount would be exhibited in a panel towards the bottom of your onscreen slot machine.

Click on ‘Max Bet’ if you want to place the topmost bet, in one go. Click ‘Spin’ and the game will begin as well as your bet amount would be deduced from your betting account. Click on ‘Max Bet’ and the reel automatically will start spinning.

If you win in this Funky Seventies game, then the bet lines that won would be highlighted as well as the sum you won would be displayed at the panel, towards the bottom of your game screen.

Funky Seventies: Theme and Graphics

If you think that huge glasses, pet rocks, the rock and roll, lava lamps and funk are cool, then you definitely have a love for the 70’s era. Funky Seventies will bring back a lot of fantastic things from that time, which people are really nostalgic about and the game converts it all into an online video slots form. The very first thing anyone will see in the game is the unremitting disco loop which plays all the time, while you play this slot game.

The graphics of Funky Seventies are clean. It has a lovely ambient music that keeps playing in the background. The graphics of this game are of nice and high quality as well as most of them also boasts their very own animation. The wild logo symbol of the 70’s has the topmost jackpot payout, which is 1000 coins.

Funky Seventies: Jackpot

The biggest jackpot in this game gives you 1000 coins. The maximum amount of money value for the jackpot is $2500, and this is calculated in the following manner: 1000 multiplied by the highest bet each payline, so that is $0.50 cents multiplied by 5 coins which equal to $2.50 each payline, thus 1000 multiplied by $2.50, which equals $2500. In order to win a jackpot, you’ll need to play with the highest value of coin, of $0.50 and play five coins each line spin as well as you’d have to get to five of the wild 70’s symbols on the current or activate payline.

Funky Seventies: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

Though this game does not have any committed multiplayer symbols, but it does boast a feature ‘multiplier’ in the shape rounds of free spins. When you have your round of free spins triggered by reaching 3 or more than 3 scatter symbols, then all your winnings at Funky Seventies would be doubled.

3 or more than 3 Girl scatter symbols showed anywhere in the game on the 5 reels triggers the bonus round of Free Spins game.

So go get grooving; come and play the cool and Funky Seventies with us, live the 70’s truly once again and you never know when the luck smiles its charms on you!