Ghost Pirates

Wear the pirate hat, man the boat and get set to play the breathtaking online video slots game from Netent Entertainment, Ghost Pirates! Here is another marvel, the Ghost Ship from their hood.

Become a pirate and rule the seas!

With its unique slots and bonus attaractions, this is one of its kinds games. NetEnt video slots online, one of the leaders in its domain has always been in the fore when it comes to casino games online.

A very common looking slot game in the first instance, but as you go into details, you will realise how sophisticated the game really is. With very good graphics and sound effects, the game has no paylines, instead it has 243 different ways in which you can place your bets. Theexciting game features the classical scatter and wild symbols.
Before delving any further, let us help you out with the rules of this game. So, read on.

Ghost Pirates: Rules

Just like any other slot game, you can play it easily, but the features will definitely astonish you. This online video slots game has a 5-reel video slot and you can place your bet in 243 different ways. There are 5 levels that you can play in and you can place your bets by using pay-lines numbered 3, 9, 27, 81 or 243.

The Ghost Pirates online game also features free spins rounds, various wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbols are the ones that substitute the other symbols in the Ghost Pirates game. If you win three or more scatter symbols, you will get a spin round as bonus. When you earn a free spin, all your wins are multiplied thrice. Unlike other games, in Ghost Pirates, when you get a free spin, you can earn another one. Hence, it is a game within a game.

Ghost Pirates: Game Play

The unique part of this NetEnt video slots online game is that it has no bet limits. There is button panel that shows 3, 9, 27, 81 and 243 ways to win the game. You have five different levels in which you can win a maximum of $45,750 as a bonus if you have put in real money.

The Ghost Pirates symbol in the game states your wild symbol. The scatter symbol in the game is your treasure chest and you need to have at least three of them to be eligible for a payout. If you do so, a free spin bonus round will be activated automaticaly. In each game you can win upto 25 free spins.

Life like characters in the game like the One-Eyed Ed, Peggy Rotten, Mad Monkey and Polly will excite you in each level. Beware of the pair of smoking pistols and cannons, begin your search with the treasure maps, compasses and indulge in some pirate pottery.

Ghost Pirates: Theme and Graphics

Once you start playing the Ghost Pirates, it will almost be like you are sailing the seas and your are a real pirate. Instead of the conventioanl bet lines, the Ghost Pirates online video slots game will offer you 243 ways to bet at the five different levels. Now ain’t that cool? The more the options, the more your chances to earn. All you have to select is the number of bets that you want to place, the coin value and bet levels before you start spinning your wheel of fortune.

The online video slots game has become a sensation among players for what it offers to them. Developed by the pioneers in online video games, Netent Software, it means that each time you play the game, you can count upon your stars to win you the jackpot! The unique design and colours of the game are enticing and will instantly capture your interest.
The Ghost Pirates game is different from other games in many ways. Just to state one would be difficult. To begin with, the Ghost Pirates has no paylines. Instead, you will be given many other ways to win your money and the jackpot than just one. This is why Ghost Pirates is an instant hit among players and it stands out in the crowd.

Ghost Pirates: Jackpot

If you do not win a jackpot in the first round, don’t get disheartened. The game will offer you five different levels in which you can win a maximum of $45,750 as bonus. So start playing and earning!

Which game will offer you 243 different ways to win the game? Ghost Pirates does! This gives you ample opporunities to win monre moeny and hence hit the jackpot. Instead of using general paylines like other games, Ghost Pirates uses various bet levels. These bet levels can be reached in 3, 9, 27, 81, and 243.

Read on for the amazing bonuses, free spins and 3x multipliers in the game.

Ghost Pirates: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

Your win in the Ghost Pirates gets calculated by multiplying the strikes on the treasure chest symbols to the coins that you have bet. When you are able to lay your hands on three or more Treasure Chest scatter symbols during the five rounds of the game, your free spin bonus round game is automatically activated.

You can win up to 25 free spins while you are playing the game. As and when the free bonus round are on during the game, your winning combinations are tripled. When the free spin bonus round comes to an end, you will be returned back to your regular Ghost Pirates game.

After the Ghost Pirates game is over and when you win, the bet lines are highlighted in the game panel on your screens. At the bottom of the page the game panel will also display the number of coins that you have won. While you would enjoy playing this game, you can also try your hand out at Trolls, Flowers and Wild Witches, which are some other adventurous slot games by NetEnt.

All in all, you have 243 ways to get richer. Now who is going to give you this once in alifetime chance? Well, Ghost Pirates does. So, without any further delay, log in and start earning.