Jack Hammer

The exciting Jack Hammer awaits you at Video Slots Online. Play now and experience the superior Netent online video slots that have got players like you hooked.

Boom-Boom, Bang-Bang

Jack Hammer is an exciting game with most unique slots that you would have seen in the recent years. The game is powered by Netent software, one of the leading names in online video slots domain.

What makes Jack Hammer stand out as an online slot game is its exciting sticky-win free spins, wild, scatter options and bonus features. What it means is that players lower their odds of not walking out with more cash in their pockets. More on that but a little later.
For now let’s take you through the game experience, its graphics and rules.

Jack Hammer: Rules

As stated at the beginning, Jack Hammer plays much like standard online video slots with a couple of features that make the game even more engaging. The betting procedure is depends on two factors: number of coins per payline and coin value. The number of paylines are a fixed 25 and that makes Jack Hammer a premium online video slot game. With a minimum betting size of $25 and maximum of $250, it attracts big players.
Another true highlight of Jack Hammer is its independent symbols on the reels. In a typical Fruit slot, you get reels that are related to each other position however this online video slot changes that pattern to a point that you can have all 15 identical symbols on the screen at the same time. This functionality lends majorly to its exciting features: Free Spins and Sticky Win!

Jack Hammer: Game Play

Game play as with almost all the Netent online video slots is extremely simple. The rules are simple yet slightly different from other regular Fruit games although the gameplay runs much like others. You just need to set the bet limit and set the figures racing.
Jack Hammer offers 25 pay lines, 15 reels and 3 rows. The coin denomination varies between $.01to $1. You can play between one to ten coins per line. One must always bet all the 25 pay lines, which means betting a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 250 coins. What is missing is progressive jackpots but given the limit of betting all 25 pay lines, it makes betting sense.

However if progressive game play is what one needs, then one can try other Netent online video slots available on this site. Online video slots such as Flowers or trolls would make a nice choice.

Jack Hammer: Theme and Graphics

The game theme is based on a Detective Jack Hammer who is trying to take down the evil Dr Wuten. Throughout the course he must overcome obstacles laid down by the evil Dr Wuten to catch him. Graphics are slightly overwhelming to begin with but as you play it more and more, you would fall in love, and why not since there are some really well laid out surprises throughout the game. The graphics look much like comic strips with bright colors, sharp art and call outs. You do feel that you are reading a comics and that makes the game even more engaging. The most recurring symbols include the Hero Jack Hammer, Telephone, Dr Wuten, Newspaper headlines, poison blimp and a woman. There are other symbols too such as Jack Hammer in a car chasing the Dr or the woman talking clandestinely over the phone with two prying eyes behind here or lethal chemicals in a test tube. Such thematic changes that accentuate story telling add to the experience.

Jack Hammer: Jackpot

The largest jackpot gets you a whooping 250,000 coins with a maximum bet of 5 Jack Hammer symbols on a pay line. Now that is some cash available right from the corner of your seat and what makes attaining that easy are the exciting bonuses that we discuss next.

Jack Hammer: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

No progressive jackpot could have left many asking for more but Netent online video slots know how to keep you interested and deliver true value to your time and money.
With sticky wins you can claim bigger and better wins, that too at no extra cost. When three or more symbols form a line on a pay line, Jack Hammer gets in to a sticky win feature. Under this exciting feature, symbols that are similar are frozen and the other symbols are spun to improve the chances of winning bigger. This continues until there are no better wins and the amount won till then goes in your kitty. In simple terms, you get more bang for your money!
Another exciting free spin options is for the cases when there are 5 or more similar symbols on the screen in any configuration, random or arranged. Under this situation, you get 10 to 30 free spins at a 3x multiplier. To make attaining free spin easier, three or more similar symbols start the sticky win.

There are wilds as well. The wild in Jack Hammer is the ‘Wild!’ symbol. This replaces for any symbol on the rows however doesn’t and complete the ‘scatter’ combination.
Scatter combination is when five or more Bomb Free Spin symbols appear on the reels. They can land in any combination whatsoever and trigger free spins. Number of them on the reel define the number of free spins one gets. The number ranges between 15 to 30 and this improves the chances of winning big even bigger!

So if you need more bang for your bucks and try your luck now, register to play Jack Hammer and hammer your way to big money. Remember, with free spins and sticky wins, your chances are more than ever before. So without much ado, log in and play, your luck might shine brighter today!

Good luck!