Kings of Chicago

Kings of Chicago has been developed by NetEnt, one of the leading online video slots game developers in the world. This game, with its unique approach towards slots, is one of the most popular of all casino games. Read on below to know why.

What Makes The Game Unique?

Kings of Chicago is unique owing to a number of aspects. However, if there is one aspect that stands out, it is the perfect blend of the two most popular casino games in the world – slots and poker. This NetEnt video slots online casino game adds a new dimension to the basic slots game and offers added thrills and excitement. The cherry on the cake is the American Gangster theme and images included in the cards.

Another thing that contributes to increasing the excitement level of this online video slots game is the high stakes, which leads to more excitement. Just like the actual Kings of Chicago, who were known for playing big and playing for high stakes, this game offers higher stakes than several other casino games. The winning ways have been increased as well, which increases the possibility of hitting a win.

The wining point of this game is its added dash of poker. This interesting twist to the classic slots game has made it a favourite with poker lovers as well. So, if you are looking for a slots game that can give you unlimited thrills of anticipation along with a chance to win good money, Kings of Chicago is the game that can satisfy the adrenaline in you. NetEnt has surpassed itself in creativity, innovation, simple genius and excellent graphical representation of all features in this game.

Kings of Chicago: Rules

The rules of Kings of Chicago are very interesting and simple to understand if you are a poker player. However, for people who are not much aware of poker rules, point calculation can be slightly tricky in the beginning. The point calculation is just like poker, the only difference being that the cards are stacked in the slots on the slots screen when the dealer deals them.

The winning combinations in this NetEnt video slots online game are like the ones in poker. You have a Full House, Flush, Three, Four and Five of a Kind and the special Royal Flush which is a special feature in the game. Jackpot of the game is the Natural Royal Flush feature. The game is played by rolling the slots. When the reels stop, these poker combinations decide your win amount. Kings of Chicago is a five reel, five pay line game with high stakes and a chance to win thousands of pounds in prize money.

In a word, this game, with all its interesting rules that offers a unique experience of playing both slots and poker simultaneously, is the ultimate thriller of the online video slots arena.

Kings of Chicago: Game Play

The chances of winning in Kings of Chicago are good enough, if you bet right and play for the highest stakes. There are nine ways in which you can win and earn good money in the game. If you get A, K, Q, J and 10 simultaneously, you win Royal Flush. For this win, suites might be different. If you get these cards of the same suit, you win the Natural Royal Flush which is a big winner. A joker cannot be used as a substitute for Natural Royal Flush. Five of a Kind, as the name indicates, is when four cards with similar suite appear on the screen. The fifth card is a joker.

Straight Flush is when five cards of similar suite appear in row in a numerically ascending order from left to right. An Ace is substituted for ‘1’. Four of a kind is won when four cards of the same numerical value appear. If three and two cards show up of the same vale, you win a Full House. A simple Flush is when you get any five cards of the same suite in an ascending numerical order on the same line. If cards are in the ascending order but of different suite, you win a Street. Three is a Kind, as the name indicates is when you get three cards of the same numeric value on the same line.

Kings of Chicago gets more interesting with free deals, scatter symbols and jokers. Betting begins from £0.01 and can go up to £0.50. Coin values vary from £0.01 to £1. So, it is a low risk, high win game. You can bet up to 10 coins per line which is £50, choose your pay lines and increase your chances of hitting the multipliers.

Once you get the hang of this poker-slots video slots online game, you are definitely going to be hooked on to it. The game is very interesting and poker adds to the thrill of anticipation.

Kings of Chicago: Themes and Graphics

The poker theme induced into the slots game offers a very interesting video slots online game. However, the graphics are equally well done. It must be said, kudos to NetEnt for such wonderful execution of a very unique and interesting theme.

Kings of Chicago is not crowded with special symbols that can be confusing. The game ranks high in simplicity along with effective game play options. You have all the features of a normal suite of cards along with jokers. Scatter symbols are in the form of Scatter Banner Card. Wild symbol is the Joker card and it also doubles as the multiplier symbol when necessary combinations show up.

Kings of Chicago: Jackpot

The top jackpot in Kings of Chicago is 10,000 coins. So, if you bet 10 coins of £1 on each pay line, the top money that you can win is £100,000. This jackpot can be won if the Natural Royal Flush shows up on your slots. However, you can only win the jackpot if you play all bet lines and place the highest bid on all of them.

Kings of Chicago: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multipliers

There are no bonuses in Kings of Chicago. Free spins are triggered whenever three or more scatter symbols show up. Your win money can be doubled with free spins. The game features only a 2x multiplier. Free deals won during free deals will keep cumulating to the total number. Virtually, there is no limit to the number of free spins that you can win. Progressive jackpot is also not available in the game.

With all the interesting features and poker mania, Kings of Chicago is a game that you should try out. Other games in NetEnt video slots online games that you can try out are Frankenstein, Alien Robots, Jackhammer, Victorious and Dragon Island. Good luck!