Mega Fortune

From the house of NetEnt, casino game Mega Fortune comes with thrills and excitement unlike any another casino game. Simple yet powerful, this NetEnt online video slots game is downright addictive.

Boom – Boom, Bang – Bang

Mega Fortune is aptly named because it does give you just that – a Mega Fortune. This game, developed by Net Entertainment (NetEnt) has become so popular in the online video slots circuit that it is being offered by some of the best online casino sites.

So what makes the game so good? Four factors actually. Firstly, it offers a fresh and novel approach towards classic slot games. Secondly, it is simple to grasp and play. Thirdly, the thrill is unbeatable. The fourth factor and the most important is the grand jackpot, which keeps ticking away since all the lost bets are cumulated to this grand amount. The jackpot is the true manifestation of what people mean when they say “Mega Fortune” because the game offers not one but triple jackpots.

Read on below for more juicy information about how your pockets can be a lot heavier, thanks to this adrenaline pumping game.

Mega Fortune: Rules

The game begins like a conventional online video slots game where the aim is to get through the first jackpot bonus game. Once you are through, all you have to do is let the wheel roll and count your bucks. When you play Mega Fortune, you are aiming at three jackpots – the Rapid Jackpot, the Major Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot. Each of these jackpots is placed on each of the three wheels of fortune.

The choices you have in this video slots online game are between 1 to 25 bet lines which tilt the balance in favour of your win. The game offers 4 bet levels and 5 reels. So, you have reasonable flexibility in choosing your bet and bet line choices. All you have to do is click on the spin button and clutch your seats in anticipation.

Special symbols add uniqueness to the slots and give you a chance to spin the wheel of fortune if the three wheel symbols appear successively in your chosen bet lines.

Mega Fortune: Game Play

Netent online video slots games are so popular because of the easy user interface. Mega Fortune is very simple as well. Bets begin from £0.01 and go on up to £0.50. You also have a choice of playing four coins for every bet line.

In order to become eligible for the Mega Jackpot, you need to play four coins on every one of the twenty five bet lines. So, in all, you will have to bet 100 coins. You can choose the Max Bet mode, where the game is played at the pre-selected coin value, the highest bet level and with all 25 bet lines options. The coins wagered cumulate to 100. The other play option is Auto Play. Here, you can set your game to spin for a pre-determined number of times.

The special feature of this video slots online game is the progressive jackpot, which is what you aim at. The slots take you to the wheel of fortune, if you are lucky of course, where you get to win the Mega Fortune.

Mega Fortune: Themes and Graphics

The graphics and themes of Mega Fortune are dazzling and transport you into the world of the ultra rich. The regular symbols include four sparkling finger rings studded with precious stones. They each stand for an Ace, the King, the Queen and the Jack. The four other symbols are a luxurious white stretch limo, a diamond wristwatch, a golden and diamond dollar symbol and brandy with cigar.

Mega Fortune has three special symbols – Wild Symbol which is a white yacht, Scatter Symbol which is a bottle of champagne and two glasses and the Wheel of Fortune, which is what you spin for the Mega Fortune.

Mega Fortune Jackpot

Major jackpot can go up to £20,000 in cash and the maximum jackpot that you can win in coins is 40,000. However, the cherry on the cake is the wheel of fortune which has three wheels and is played in three levels. The Mega Fortune lies at the centre of the third wheel. Also, as you conquer each wheel, you win cash prizes. The outermost wheel has arrows on every alternate slot. So, the odds in favour of getting the right hit are higher.

If you can stop the wheel at an arrow, you get to take a second spin on the second and inner wheel of fortune. This wheel has four arrows. Try your luck and get the wheel to stop at one of the four arrows. If it turns out to be a lucky day and the wheel does stop at the arrow, you are just one step away from winning the jackpot. The next step is spinning the third and final wheel. This is the smallest of the three with just two arrows on it. Spin it and if you can stop at the arrow – presto! The Mega Fortune Jackpot is all yours.

Mega Fortune: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

Bonuses, free spins and multipliers are available through the special symbols. The white yacht is like a joker in a pack of cards and can be used as a substitute for all symbols barring scatter symbol and the wheel of fortune. So, when you get two identical symbols successively in a bet line along with the yacht, you earn your points. However, the wild symbol does not substitute for scatter symbols and wheels of fortune. There is no multiplying feature in the game.