Piggy Riches

Get Rich with Piggy Riches at Video Slots Online. Play now and experience the gaming world of Netent video slots online that have got players like you completely enchanted!

This game can make you filthy Rich!

Piggy Riches is an all-new 15-payline, non-progressive 5 reel online slot game. The game is powered by Netent software, one of the leading names in online video slots domain. The game is loaded with extravagant features, all sync well in the tradition of pure video slots online entertainment. Wild Multiplier symbols, Scatter symbols, Skill Stop Feature, Free Spins are some of the enthralling features of this online slot game. In fact, the Free Spin Bonus Round feature engraved in Piggy Riches enables you attain18x times multiplier value win up to 360,000 coins. It enhances your odds of winning even further.

So let’s get a feel of its sheer gaming experience real-time, followed by few pointers on graphics and rules.

Piggy Riches: Rules

Piggy Riches is yet another fun-filled rollercoaster from the gaming world of Netent video slots online. Piggy Riches can be played for free of for denominations of money in real-time. Online video slots get yet another fun game under its domain!

The Bet-range per payline is a mere penny to $/£/€ 0.50 per spin. In just one spin, you can place a maximum bet of $75.00. However, if you prefer to be a little conservative in the initial phase of the game, a minimum bet of $0.01 is more than a welcome. As Piggy Riches offers an array of betting options, those who seek variety of playing options certainly dig for this game! The jackpot is maximum 2,000 credits per line bet, 2nd highest payout 1,000 credits.

Piggy Riches: Game Play

Game play is extremely simple as is with most of the Netent video slots. However, the rules slightly differ from other games from the online video slots domain. The one thing that is common with all the other video slots online games is the entertainment value attached to this slot game. What else is common is your winning amount! Netent video slots online values it players by making them win. So let us set the bet limit and see the figures roll!
To select the number of lines to bet on Piggy Riches, click on “BET LINES.” Every click gets you additional line to bet on. Clicking on the symbols on the sides of the slot machine screen can also enable you select the bet lines. The display below the slot game buttons portrays the number of bet lines currently held by you- the player! Click “MAX BET” if you wish to place the highest bet at once. On pressing “Spin Button”, the cost of your bet amount is automatically deducted from your total amount. Winning bet lines are highlighted in the lower panel of the screen. The Auto play option allows you to play automatically for a number of spins. Play 1 to 15 bet lines at 1 to 10 bet levels. Payouts will be made according to the pay table. Except for Scattered Mrs. Piggy, the highest combination on each enabled payline determines the winning payouts. Payline wins automatically add both Scatter and Bonus game wins. Scattered Mrs. Piggy pay anywhere, while the other wins pay left to right (Reel 1-5) in consecutive order. All other symbols can be substituted by Mr. Piggy wild symbol, excepting the Mrs. Piggy scatter symbols. To experience all the features of this incredible Piggy Riches, you have to play real time! You might not get all the features on playing for fun mode. Moreover, Real time play would get you the extra money as well as the entertainment!

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Piggy Riches: Theme and Graphics

Piggy Riches rightly finds its roots in the world of gaming experience in the domain of video slots online. The golden reels, dollar bill line markers and a gilded logo in Piggy Riches slot game renders an extravagant look to the game. The ‘richness’ theme depicted in the design of this slot game, uniquely gels with subtitle references attributed to ‘piggies’ in the slots. The stunning reel icons use the same theme which include Ace symbols; gold credit cards, , pig shaped keys, styled 10, Jack, Queen, King, over flowing piggy bank, and a purse stuffed with money. Best animation is rendered to depict wild and scatter symbols.

Also, each of the icons is glistened with animation to show winning combinations. Wonderfully depicted icons accentuate fun and the frolic associated with the piggies. The graphics are certainly above average and succeed in exuding a rich ambience to this online slot addiction! Sound effects optimally ‘cha ching’ only when the reels start rolling or in the event of marking every win. Apart from that, sound effects are kept to bare minimum. The efforts invested in the game play of this game are just incredible. It is good to see this slot game as a true representation of Netent video slots online.

Piggy Riches: Jackpot

Piggy Riches enables you attain18x times multiplier value win up to 360,000 coins. The jackpot is maximum 2,000 credits per line bet, 2nd highest payout 1,000 credits. Maximum coins jackpot is 60,000 while the maximum jackpot in cash is $30,000.

Piggy Riches: Bonuses, Free Spins and 18x Multiplier Features

No progressive jackpot could have left many asking for more but Netent video slots online know how to keep you interested and deliver true value to your time and money.

Only Piggy Riches enables you attain18x times multiplier value win up to 360,000 coins. Any of the symbols displayed on any of reels can be replaced by Mr. Piggy, who plays as the Wild symbol. When three or more icons appear on the reels simultaneously, free spins are awarded by our Wild symbol – Mr. Piggy. While 5 scatters zooms up your award to 100x your stake along with free spins, 3 & 2 will get you 4 x and 2x along with free wins. The maximum number of free spins being 28, every scatter awards an extra free spin. A more than descent jackpot, an array of attractive features and a lucrative Piggy Riches theme makes this online slog game a must-play addiction for one and all. Moreover, it truly deserves a place in the other online video slots game domain.

If you intend on experiencing some piggy fun to fill your piggy bank, then you should definitely try out your best luck at this very moment, at the online video slots domain. Just go online to register yourself and qualify for the winnings, start playing Piggy Riches to earn some really big bucks. You might just get today!