Relic Raiders

Relic raiders is an online video slots machine game. You can play it sitting comfortably in your home. There is no requirement of downloads.

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You have to go through the details of the game given below to earn a hefty sum of money.

Relic Raiders: Rules

Relic raiders is an online video slots machine with multi-coins. It has a scatter symbol, wild symbols, skill stop feature, a free bonus round, and a unique Treasure Hunt Bonus feature game which will surely take you to a real treasure hunt. Relic raiders is truly the most dynamic slot machines till date. This video slots machine offers a huge 50-bet lines of sheer excitement and fun. You have to search for the big treasures in the Bonus game and fill your pockets. Relic Raider is a 5-reel, 4 rows and 50 pay line online video slots machine game. There are 5 spinning reels in this video slots online game. You have to make winning combinations from these .For each coin that you insert, you start another pay line. After the reel has stopped, the computer checks the symbol combinations along every enabled pay line.

Relic Raiders: Game Play

This NetEnt video slots online game can be played either with real money denominations or free. The pay line of this online game Relic Raiders is like this: the maximum payout in the slot machine of Relic Raiders is 10,000 coins. This video slots game by NetEnt is one of the best on the internet. It has devised a total slot machine game full of excitement.

For each of the game rounds, you can select coins of different denominations. The value of default coins are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20 and 0.50. You can wager 1up to 4 coins every pay line till 50 lines. The minimum bet is a single coin on one line. The maximum is four coins on all 50 pay lines totalling 200coins. The symbols with the exception of the Treasure chest scatter symbol make payouts from left to right. The wild symbols are a part of this video slots online game. When the wild symbol strikes the reel you should be happy. The cost of every spin will be determined by the number of lines that you play and the number of coins that you can bet on every line.

There are Scatters in the Relic Raiders and when a number of three or more strike the board you are given free spins. These scatter symbols are actually the treasure chests and each time you get them you have to select one of the chests. You will be offered many free spins and a win multiplier between 1 and 5. Free spins are the best friends of a slot player. When you get them in Relic Raiders with 50 active pay lines it is indeed time for jubilation.

Relic raiders: Themes and Graphics

This online video slots game Relic Raiders gives one the impression of Indiana Jones series of movies. This NetEnt video slots online game is inspired by the Indy movies. The logo and the game is a reflection of this inspiration. When you search for hidden gems, your aim will be to collect four relics from the labyrinth underground. This will release a mystery win.

The Relic Raiders starts with bonus symbols that you will require three of on an active pay line to gain an entry into the bonus game. In the bonus game you travel around the whole world searching for hidden treasure and one will house the relics. If you are unable to find all the four relics within one game, they remain stored in your game for 36 hours. The bonus win depends on your initial bet. It is a pretty impressive online video slots game. The numerous pay lines make it very attractive to the players. The graphics and sound are very interesting and unique.

Relic Raiders: Jackpot

There are extra free spins in this video slots online game. Your bank roll will be full to the brim. The size of the jackpot is amazing – you can win up to 100,000 pounds with this online video slot.

Relic Raiders: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3X Multiplier

When you find all the four relics, the Mystery win feature begins. 4 statues of gold appear. You ought to click on a statue to claim your mystery win. In this online video slots game Relic Raiders, you have the option of a skip stop feature. This gives you the power of stopping the spinning reel by pressing the spin button. When you press this button, the reels stops and you can make winning combinations or trigger the bonus round feature. The pay out of the winnings of Relic Raiders depends on the symbols that are displayed on the pay line, when the reels stop.

So this game by NetEnt is a popular game among the gamers. You can experiment with your luck. Register online to play Relic Raiders. This game offers a good opportunity to get rich. The adventure and sense of mystery makes this game appealing. Just log in and play. You will love it when you start winning. It is a game that will keep you pre-occupied. The music is catchy and gamers enjoy the excitement with the stimulating music that sets their adrenaline gushing. A few other video slots games like the Avalon, Hitman, Halls of Gods, Alien robots are also attaining popularity online. You must try these games. We wish you all the best in your gaming endeavour. It is good news for all gamers that they can play such games online from home. Relic Raiders is ideal for those who love adventure and are fond of gaming at the same time.