Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a casino game that belongs to the NetEnt video slots online games family. While the concept itself is so interesting, the game offers several unique features that enhance the fun element of the game while simultaneously giving you a high winning edge.

What Makes This Game Unique?

Robin Hood comes with several fun packed features that lend a special distinction to the game. The uniqueness is enhanced because there is a change in the basic slots format. Instead of the spinning reels that exist in traditional slots games, this game comes with reels that slide towards right and a new reel replaces them when you hit a win, just like in the land based casinos. Secondly, three multiplier option has been upgraded to five multiplier, which increases chances of winning. Thirdly, the animations and graphics in Robin Hood are simply awesome and actually transport you into the jungles with Robin Hood and his troop of outcasts. It is very interesting to watch him collecting money bags on the screen.

The game is delightful and profitable, which is what gives it an edge over several other games that are offered on online video slots websites. It offers everything that most of the other games do – free spins, bonuses, jackpot and auto spin option. In addition, it also offers much more. Read on below to find out why this game is one of the best offerings from the family of NetEnt video slots online.

Robin Hood: Rules

The basic rules of Robin Hood are similar to other video slots online games. You click on the spin button and the reels slide, in this case towards right. The pictures present on the slots make either eligible or ineligible for prizes based on the combination, arrangement and number in which they appear on the screen. You have wild and scatter symbols, the wild symbol being Robin Hood himself.

The difference between this game and others manifests in the choice of 20 pay lines and the 243 different winning ways. The game also offers special bonus called Archery Bonus and free spins. You can get up to fifteen free spins, which also doubles your earning. Also, you can win more than a million coins in the jackpot. The money that you can win is continuously increasing since the game features progressive jackpot.

Robin Hood: Game Play

Robin Hood comes with three rows, five reels, twenty pay lines and two hundred and forty three winning ways. The number of innovations that are included in this game make it not only profitable but also great fun to play and win.

To begin with, you can choose your betting denomination with coins ranging between £0.01 and £0.50. Each pay line can carry a bet of up to ten coins. With twenty pay lines, you can bet forty coins at a time and increase your chances of winning high prizes.

With the inclusion of shifting reels and Money Bags in the game, you get bet up to £100 per slot roll. You can collect Money Bags and save them up to a year in order to increase the win amount immensely. Along with the money increases anticipation and thrill of the game. The total value of the money bags accumulated can be known by clicking on the treasure chest. You get free spins worth the amount of money that you accumulate through money bags.

Robin Hood: Themes and Graphics

The themes and graphics of this game set it apart from all other online video slots games. The symbols are specially endearing and effective. You can find faces of all characters from the Robin Hood saga looking at you from the screen. These include Robin Hood himself, his lady love Lady Merion, Little John and Friar Tuck. Money bags are what get you huge bonuses. Robin Hood is the wild symbol in the game and your key to winning.

The best part about the game is that the spirit of Robin Hood has been beautifully preserved. For example, when you do not hit shifting reels in any of the rounds, Robin Hood walks up the screen, collects all your money bags and walks off to distribute the riches among the needy!

This game from NetEnt video slots online definitely surpasses all others when it comes to innovation, creativity, presentation and uniqueness. In other words, this game adds a whole new dimension to the conventional video slots online games. If you are a slots enthusiast, this is one game that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Robin Hood: Jackpot

Robin Hood does not provide progressive jackpot option. Nevertheless, the jackpot amount is huge. You can win 1, 215,000 coins if you hit the jackpot. The prizes won in this game are higher than others because of the unique additional features included in it. The presence of 243 winning ways also increases the probability of winning.

Robin Hood: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multiplier

This is one of the very few games, if any, that offer a five multiplier, which increases your winning chance. Free spins are awarded when you get four money bags on the screen. Also, in order to let you have more wins during free spins, any one of the characters changes into wild symbol, in addition to the standard Robin Hood. You also have a chance of winning ten free spins if you get three free spin icons on the screen and five free spins if two free spin icons show up. Furthermore, you have a chance of winning fifteen free spins if ‘wanted’ postures show up in the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. More wild symbols are added to the slots following reel shifts, which increase the chance of winning.

Archery bonus is another special feature of the game. You get this bonus when reels 1 and 5 show bonus symbols. When you win this bonus, you get a chance to fire at five suspended targets. If you hit the bull’s eye, you win up to £15,000.

This is definitely one of the most exciting online casino slot games and is offered in some of the best casino sites. So, enter the world of outlaws and make yourself some neat cash.

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