Secrets of Horus

From the house of Eurocasinobet, the casino game Secrets of Horus will transport you back to the days of Ancient Egyptians and offer excitement and thrills more than any other casino game. The game is simple and is offered by Net Entertainment. When you are playing online video slots like this one you are wired to forget about time.

Have Fun Gaming!

Secrets of Horus is the perfect name for this video slots online casino game as it is inspired from the Egyptian Pharaohs. This game is offered by various well known online casino sites in the online video slots circuit that include other popular choices like Tales of Krakow, Super Lucky Frog and Super Eighties.

The netent video slots online game is much in demand as it offers you simple approach to the classic slot game. You don’t need to rack your head to understand it. There is no limit to thrills and excitement while playing, and with just a small investment your jackpot can take your stakes to where winning is rated as the ‘sky is the limit’! Secrets of Horus offers multiple jackpots.

All you need to do is to indulge in this money spinning video slots online game and fill your pockets and lockers with the moolah.

Secrets of Horus: Rules

The Secrets of Horus begins like any online video slots that are played popularly. When you are playing online, you will see wild symbols appear on the slots, and when you hit the wild symbol and if you are playing on a free spin, your winnings will be tripled…as if you are on an Egyptian adventure. There will be multiple opportunities offered for you to win the maximum amount of money.

You have variety of choices in the Secrets of Horus video slot online game. You have multiple bet levels and also free bonus spins. You can play on a 3 row and 5 reel at 4 bet levels to a maximum of a 20 line bet. All you need to do is to click and the netent video slots online wheel starts rolling. Special symbols or the Egyptian secrets reveal your fortunes to you when you hit the jackpot.

Secrets of Horus: Game Play

The video slots online game is very popular and easy for the user to play on and on. In Secrets of Horus the betting is very simple. The minimum bet in Secrets of Horus starts from .02 Euros to 40 Euro maximum. You can also increase the betting up to $ 80.
You need to play 4 coins on every 20 bet line toget to the maximum bet mode, where you can then play the online video slots at the pre-selected coin value. And you have to bet on all the 20 lines with the option. You can also play on the auto play option to spin the wheel accordingly pre determine a choice.

If you get wild symbols on the slot such as the Falcon Head on the Secrets of Horus bet line, then your wild wins will be double as you substitute them for other symbols. When you hit a scattered symbol like the cool winged Falcon, whatever you wager at that spin will be multiplied 3 times. Every time you get scattered symbols, you are a winner of 15 free spins and the payment is bagged in multiplies of 3. If you are playing in the free spin mode, the more the scattered symbols appear the more spins you are permitted. However, keep in mind that the payment for the netent video slots online will not be in multiples of 3.

Secrets of Horus: Themes and Graphics

The graphics and themes of Secrets of Horus are sharp and crisp with superb and mysterious sound effects. The symbol that appears on the slot is the Falcon, alongside other symbols during free spins after getting 3 scattered symbols. A chant is heard of a thousand pyramid workers who are at an Egyptian ceremony. The theme is Egyptian and one of the symbols is the sign of Aquarius.

Secrets of Horus: Jackpot

The maximum jackpot that Secrets of Horus allows you to win, that is if you are lucky enough on this wheel of fortune, can go above 50,000 coins up to 4 levels. You have to play on 3 rows, 5 reels and as you conquer each wheel you win cash prizes. The wheels have arrows at every alternate slot; hence the odds in favour of getting the right hit are higher.
If you can stop the wheel at an arrow, you get a chance to spin on the 2nd and inner wheel of fortune. As the wheel has 4 arrows, if you are lucky it will easily stop at any one of them, then you have to go to the next step of spinning the 3rd and final wheel. And if you spin it and can get it to stop at the arrow, Bravo! You hit the Secrets of Horus Jackpot.

Secrets of Horus: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

Every time you get the wild and scattered symbols like the Falcon head or the cool winged Falcon, you get free multiplier of up to 3 times and when you get 2 identical symbols successfully in a bet line with a wild symbol you bag a point. However, keep in mind that you cannot substitute scattered symbols with wild symbols. There is no multiplying feature in the online video slots.

Secrets of Horus scatter symbols do not always occur in the same line on a single frame, but they make winning easy for you as they can be scattered anywhere along the 5 reels and at least 2 of them are in line with your chosen bet line at the netent video slots online. If you can get 3 or more scattered symbols on the same line, then you are eligible for free spins, but the number of free spins vary with different combinations.

Secrets of Horus allows you multiple opportunities to win and lots of special features. When you hit wild symbols during your free spins you get 3-fold winnings. The game is interesting; it is simple and allows you to spend quality time entertaining yourself, whenever you log on to the site.