Super Eighties

In the world of online video gaming slots one of the most interesting games is the Super Eighties. What exactly is this Super Eighties game all about? This is one of the boldest, brightest and biggest games you can consider playing on the internet. If you are interested in capitalizing more on your experience on the netent video slots online slot game then this is one interesting game to play.

Super Eighties Gaming Fun

Super Eighties is an exciting online video slots game designed exclusively for players interested in winning large amounts faster. While playing the games you can enjoy all the graphics and sound and feel reminiscent of the decade’s most colorful history. A gaming slot adventure that is absolutely infused with neon’s is combined with the features of Stacked Wilds, Scatter symbols and the Free Spins.

Super Eighties: Rules

What about the pay table information on the screenshots of the Super Eighties game? What are the rules of the Super Eighties online video slot game? The game is designed for ultimate enjoyment to the fullest. Day by day the popularity of the online slots has been tremendously increasing and the craze is tremendous. In the new netent video slots online super slot west themed game, you could end up winning to the extent of 886800 Euros. Stacked Wilds, Scatter coins and free spices include a range of other features that are really exciting. 100 is the maximum amount per bet per game, and a win of 2, 00,000 is the maximum. This is fantastic video slot game of 5 reels. 1000 is the paid out top jackpot.

The game gets wild when there are about 80 symbols on the active pay line. For substitutes the wild symbol is used with the exception of the scatter girl. Stacked wilds are also generated by the rest of the wild symbols. The total video slots online bet can be won twice with the three scatter girls with the addition of three spins for free. Your bet will be doubled again when the three scatter girls will win you further five spins. Value range of the wide coin is another feature that is important. A certain level of attractiveness is created by the wild stacks for the online video slots game. This interesting game is a combination of the 60’s that were groovy and the 70’s that were truly funky. By using pictures in a wide range identical opportunities for winning are ensured.

Super Eighties: Game Play

You have a number of options before you start spinning the wheels of the netent video slots online Super Eighties game. Super Eighties can be customized by selecting the value of different coins, the number of bet level and the betting lines. One coin is the minimum amount you can start betting on, on one line. On 40 lines the maximum number of coins you can bet on is five. You can bet a maximum of 100 dollars per line. In the free spins you can feel assured of maximizing the chances of winning $2, 00,000! When you land up with the three scatter symbols, the feature of free spins gets activated automatically. Doubling of the mode of free spins can be acquired with any of the wins.

Super Eighties: Themes and Graphics

You get lucky when you score Stack Wilds. Usage of the feature Stack Wilds indicates the appearance of the wild symbols together on the reels. This gives an appearance that is stacked which in turn increases the chance of winning the Super Eighties game. For any other type of symbols the wild symbols can stand, with the exception of only the scatter symbols. A bet line for winning purpose can thus be created with the help of wild symbols. For the regular symbols even the wild symbols can be used. All that you need to do is land the five symbols on the video slots online bet line and a multiplier of one thousand is paid out in the process. At level five, 5000 coins is the maximum payout. The pay-table can be checked at any time to get a view of the total winnings earned.

All the tops are pulled by this 40-payline when it comes to graphics. They are appropriate and range from shoes available for dancing and walkmans and obviously in colors that are truly psychedelic. Betting range offered in the online video slot game is very comfortable. It starts right from 1c and climbs to 50c. Per line, five coins can be betted upon. Many Super Eighties bonus features are available, which include the scatters and the wild symbol.

Super Eighties: Jackpot

Up for grabs is a good jackpot of 100 coins for all those players who are really lucky and manage to line up well using appropriate symbols. If you check the review of Super Eighties you will find that it is a popular game all over the world. Lots of fun is offered in the slot game. Depending upon your choice you can download the games or even play it free of charge. To practice and have lots of fun while playing, in the fun play account there are around 5000 demo credits. You can enjoy an instant gaming experience with this slots flash game. Continue playing as long as you want till you really feel comfortable enough! Once this is accomplished, you can venture into the world of online video slots gaming with real big money.

Super Eighties: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

If you belong to the eighties in spirit and like the retro color then you must head right away to play Super Eighties. Enjoy there this fun game offered by netent. Equally fun-filled are the games Groovy Sixties, Tales of Krakow and Super Lucky Frog offered.
The video slots online game can be availed with greatest ease by online video slot gamers all across the globe. Online help for Super Eighties can be accessed easily from the gaming experts providing 24×7 services. In case you experience any issues with game loading or if you reach a zero balance press the F5 button to get the page refreshed. Doesn’t this sound really exciting?