Super Lucky Frog

Super Lucky Frog is an exciting video slot online game offered by netent video slots online. It is a game played with 5 reels, multi-coins and 25-paylines. When you play Super Lucky Frog Jackpot bonus feature round there are three chances of winning the progressive jackpots in an exciting set.

An Exciting Fun Filled Experience

Before playing Super Lucky Frog, it is necessary to understand the rules of the game, explained well by the online experts. Regular symbols like the Snail, Unicorn, Butterfly, Troll, Toadstool, Lady Bug, Griffin and Squirrel also feature in the Super Lucky Frog online video slots game.

The Fairy comes in the form of scatter symbol. A player gets rewarded with two or more scatter symbols with an amount that equalizes the symbol scatter, in multiplier times the wager played initially. For all the symbols a substitute in the form of the wild symbol is used except for the Fairy. This is needed for completing the combinations for winning the video slots online game. The Elf is the wild symbol used in Super Lucky Frog.

Super Lucky Frog: Rules

How does one play the game of Super Lucky Frog? The game is controlled by a row of five main buttons. In the Bet Level the value of the coin multiplies and the bet size increases. The level of bet ranges from one to four. There are a total of 25 betting lines. Players have to press to change the number of pay lines for playing. To spin the reels the spin symbol has to be used. Max Bet allows selection of all the pay lines and spins at the current value of the coin as well as the level of bet. On each of the pay line selected the coin value is the amount of bet placed for playing the netent video slots online game. Coin value ranges from $0.01 to $0.20. The game window also has small controls which can be adjusted for the settings for auto play. There is a small control for sound as well. At many of the online casinos all over the world Super Lucky Frog is being played by online gaming enthusiasts.

Super Lucky Frog: Game Play

Before starting with Super Lucky Frog, understanding a few gaming basics are sure to help. With symbols of three or more, the game commences with a betting line at the reel present at the left extreme. If there is a mushroom instead of a guy wearing hat at the third reel, the chances of winning bet line 1 increase. The pay table appears when the corner blue button at the bottom left is clicked, on the online video slots. It is essential to understand the exact worth of all the symbols. The main goal has to be to get to the round where the jackpot is played. To reach this round at least three or more frogs will be needed on the betting line.

Super Lucky Frog: Themes and Graphics

Super Lucky Frog has two special symbols for playing, out of which one is the Wild symbol. All other symbols can be replaced very easily by this little and tiny guy except for the wins on scatter. Just like the deck of cards in a card game has a joker, the wild symbol is used similarly in the Super Lucky Frog video slots online game. The bet line 1 can be won easily by using this symbol. The other special symbol used is the scatter symbol. This is a tiny fairy; very cute looking that helps winning with two more or maybe more assistants. Since she is the fairy, on the betting line she can be anywhere and the chances of winning still exist. Free spins can also be earned when the scatter symbols are three or more in number.

Super Lucky Frog: Jackpot

What is the Bonus Symbol? When the reels stop, this is one symbol any gamer would want to see in Super Lucky Frog. On the bet line if you have three or more of these guys next to each other then you are taken to the jackpot wheel. Real big money can be won at this particular point. Just by clicking at the button of preview feature you can get an idea of what exactly the bonus round looks like. At the right corner at the bottom of the online video slots game you will get to see the button of feature preview. Out of the three jackpots, the Froggy, Super and Lucky, the chances of hitting at least one, increases when the bet is bigger.

Super Lucky Frog: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

Frog Bonus Symbol is a special symbol used in this game. The bonus round for the Super Lucky Frog Jackpot gets triggered with three or more of the Frog Bonus symbols. In this round a wheel is spun by the player and the game ends when Froggy jackpots, the Super or the Lucky are awarded. It is not just these three different jackpots that make the video slots online game exciting. There are a number of exciting prizes also to be won in the Super Lucky Frog game. The payout of 30,000 coins for five Elf symbols on any of the pay lines is activated. Especially when the player is wagering a level of betting four coins for each of the lines, this symbol gets activated.

Once you understand all the rules of this interesting online video slot game it gets easier to try it out and that too for free. After you enjoy the free games and develop the desire for earning real money, please go ahead right away. Take a leap into an exciting world consisting of magical creatures when you play the Super Lucky Frog offered by netent video slots online. Other exciting games offered by them are Groovy sixties, Tales of Karkow and Super Eighties. In just one spin of the wheel the chances of winning a fortune rule large. Make the best use of the multiplier which is the wild symbol. A jackpot of 15000 dollars can be won in Super Lucky Frog. Play the right moves and if you are really very lucky with those amazing creatures the jackpot is yours.