Thrill Spin

From Netent video slots Online comes yet another exciting game, Thrill Spin. Come experience the thrill while you make money and crave for more!

Start spinning your wheel of fortune!

Thrill Spin online video slots game is one of its kinds. Powered by the pioneers of online video slots games, Netent Entertainment, Thrill spin has 5-reels that you can try your luck in. When you play the Thrill Spin video slots online game, you will get the feel of being in an amusement park. Comprising a 15-line slot, the game features free spins, 3x multipliers and wild symbols.

You can play the game either for fun or for real money. Apart from this game, you can also try games like Ghost Pirates, Devil’s Delight and many more brought to you by Netent Entertainment.

For now, let us help you out with the rules and features of the Thrill Spin. So, start spinning!

Thrill Spin: Rules

The Thrill Spin plays like any other normal video slots online game, but with a twist!
The Thrill Spin game is sure to take your breath away. The online video slots game of Thrill Spin features several wild multiplier symbols, scatter symbols and a free spin bonus round as well. The wild symbol is the thrill seeker symbol, which replaces other symbols to complete the winning combinations and will multiply your payouts.

The Thrill Spin online video slots game features 5 reels and 15 bets lines. You can wager a bet on any of the pay lines from 1 to 15. The wild symbol will replace all the other symbols and your winning bets will automatically be multiplied by 2. If you are able to garner three or more scatter symbols, 15 or more free spins rounds will be activated. In the , free spins round, your wins will be multiplied thrice. So, the more the merrier. Get, set and start spinning.

Thrill Spin: Game Play

Netent video slots online make sure that the games they develop are fairly easy to play. The game play is simple, yet slightly different and unique from others. All you have to do is set your bet and you can start spinning your wheel of fortune.

The bets that you can place while playing the Thrill Spin begin at $37.50 and you can get richer by a whopping sum of $90,165. You can either play Thrill Spin for free or for real money. Per line, you can bet in denominations beginning from $0.02 to $0.50. The minimum bet that you can wager is one coin per payline. The maximum bet you can place on all the 15 paylines is 4 coins, which sums it to 75 coins in total.

Thrill Spin: Theme and Graphics

When you play the game, the setting is that of an amusement park. So, right from the word go, there is excitement and thrill!

You will be given five different rounds in the Thrill Spin game where in you can score your coins. You have to overcome various obstacles throughout the game to finally reach your destination. The graphics in the Thrill Spin game have been very well done and watch out for the surprises that pop up every now and then. Vibrant colours and intelligent art will grasp your interest immediately.

Otherwise sleek game, it also has some scary graphics and designs. The haunted house and man standing with the balloons is dark and mysterious, but don’t let them scare you!

Thrill Spin: Jackpot

In your jackpot in Thrill Spin, you can get richer by a whopping $90,165.
This online video slot game can be played with multiple coins denominations which feature wild multiplier symbols, scatter symbols and a free spin bonus round. The maximum number of coins that you can bet per line is 10,000 coins.

Wondering how you can attain them? Read on through the bonsses and multipliers that will help you win your jackpot.

Thrill Spin: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

Netent video slots online knows exactly how to keep you to your game. Not only will you win great money, but it will add great excitement to your life as well.

The amusement park theme in the Thrill Spin game features free spins and wild multipliers. Where the former multiplies your winnings by three, the latter will multiply your win twice. With a maximum bet of $37.50 and a win of $90,165, this game is sure to keep your adrenaline rush high. You can play this game either for free or for real cash. If you want to put in real money, you can bet from $0.02 to $0.50 per line. The maximum that you can win in a regular Thrill Spin slot game is 10,000 coins per line.

The Thrill Seeker symbol in the game is the multiplier symbol. This symbol substitutes for other symbols to help you out with the winning combinations and later multiplies your payout. At the end of the game, this symbol doubles your payout.

The scatter symbol is the Balloon Vendor symbol in Thrill Spin. The scatter symboil appears anywhere during the five reels of the game. Your win is calculated by multiplying the Balloon Vendor symbols by the total number of credits that you have bet. Hitting on three or more of these symbols will activate the free spin round. All the wins that are registered during the free spin round are multiplied and handed to you later.

This 15 payline online video slots game will be like a carnival for you. Brought to you by Netent Entertainment, this game offers simplicity intertwined with great excitment. The one feature that will take your breath away in this game is the 15 free spins that will activate your bonus rounds. When you hit the roller coaster symbol, try to double your winnings.

So, now that you know all about the game, get in groove and start playing. The earlier you log in, the better are your chances of getting richer.
Good Luck!