NetEnt video slots online games are known for being extremely entertaining and interesting in nature. Be it their unique graphics or the great game plans to help players win more, these online video slots have it all! Trolls is such a game powered by NetEnt that keeps players hooking right from the moment they begin.

There are fun characters, great bonuses and generous payouts in this game. Read on to know all the rules and start of right now!

Troll, Gnomes and Magical Forests

The name, Trolls, itself is good enough to guess that there is something magical in this video slots online game! You will be attracted to the unique graphics of this game from the word go!

Scatter Cards, Wild Cards, Multiplier Cards and Free Bonus Spin features make players more addicted to Trolls. All these features are designed to make sure that each time you play, you win more. So get ready to meet various troll and gnomes that will bring you truck loads of luck as far as winning big bucks are concerned.

Now all you need to do is continue reading to understand all the rules of the game.

Trolls: Rules

Trolls is one of the most used friendly NetEnt video slots online game. This game not only gives you great payouts, it also ensures that you can choose how much you want to invest in each spin. Therefore, this slots game gives you coin denominations starting from $0.01 up to $1.

There are five reels and 20 pay lines in the game. This means you have five reels to make your winning combination. Every time you insert a coin you activate a pay line. Winning combinations on the enabled pay lines only are valid. You can bet a maximum of four coins per bet line.

Trolls: Game Play

To start playing this game, all you need to do is decide the amount that you want to place in the bet. Then choose the number of bet lines you want to play. In case you want to go for the jackpot, you will have to place the maximum bet. Like any other game, the players who risk more, win more even in Trolls. You have an auto play feature as well where the slot machine will automatically play a few spins for you. You can also control your combinations with the stop spin option where you can stop a spinning reel when you want by just clicking ‘Spin’ again.

The Wild Symbol: These symbols appear in almost all the online video slots by NetEnt. These symbols are very handy in completing winning combinations. Wild cards can replace other cards to complete sequences and win you a good payout.

In Trolls, the troll tree acts as the wild card. It not only completes sequences, it also doubles that payout of the sequence that it completes. This means that the Troll tree is a wild card and a multiplier.
The troll tree symbol, however cannot replace a scatter symbol to activate the Free Bonus Spin Rounds.

Special Golden Wild Symbol: The game offers loads of extra symbols and features to ensure big wins! One such symbol is the special golden wild symbol. This symbol appears only on Reel no.3 and is very similar to a wild card. The Golden Troll Tree symbols can substitute other symbols to give you winning combinations and multiply the payout. The difference between a regular wild symbol and the golden wild symbol is that the payout gets multiplied by 4 when a Golden Tree completes a winning combination.

The Golden Troll Tree symbol cannot replace the full moon scatter symbol to activate the free spin bonus round.

The Scatter Symbol: The full moon symbol forms the scatter symbol. The unique feature of scatter symbols is that the need not appear on enabled pay lines in order to complete winning combinations.

The Full Moon Scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the 5 reels to complete winning combinations, but in Trolls, combinations are completed only when two or more full moon symbols appear anywhere on the 5 reels.
Also, if you have 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the 5 reels, the Free Spin Bonus Game gets activated.

Here’s the exciting news! Suppose you have a regular winning combination and a scatter winning combination, they are both counted for payouts!

Trolls: Themes and Graphics

Trolls is set in a Norse Mythology theme. Norse mythology basically refers to tales, myths and legends about magical creatures. So you can expect loads of magic in the theme and graphics of Trolls. Although trolls are considered to be monstrous, the characters of this game are nothing like that. You will see different kinds of trolls and gnomes prancing about on your screen. The gnomes of course bring you luck. There are no prizes for guessing the theme. Yes, it is a magical forest that is home to the King Troll, the Queen Troll, the baby troll, the Trolls Guard, the Man Eater Troll and the cheerful gnomes!

Trolls: Jackpot

The maximum you can win per bet line is 10,000 credits. The whopper of course is the Trolls jackpot that can go up to 40,000 coins!
In case there are more than one winning combination in a single spin, your payout is valid on highest paying one.

Trolls: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multiplier Features

When 3, 4 or 5 full moon scatter symbols appear, you win 10, 20 or 30 free spins respectively! During these free spins all controls including the pay line bet option gets deactivated.

All the winning combinations during a free spin get tripled. This means you will win three times the payout on a certain combination in comparison with a regular spin of Trolls.

The payout for your free spins depend on the amount that you had bet in the game that activated the Free Bonus Spin round.
In case you get 3 or more scatter symbols with a free spin, then the additional free spins get added to your bonus spin round. Once you have completed all your free spins, you are returned to a regular Trolls game with all the controls functioning as before.

Trolls has all the great features of slot games powered by NetEnt. Other games that you should try too are “Arabian Nights”, “Fruit Case”, “Pandoras Box” and “Dead or Alive”. Keep playing and good luck!