What are Video Slots Online

The Video Slots Online games have become a rage in the recent years and there are a hundreds of online video casinos that have been developed. A slot machine, found in all casinos is a where you enter the coins according to your betting amount and with the help of a lever spin it. On hitting a paying combination you win prizes fitting your betting amount. What are video slots online? They are nothing but virtual casinos that can be played at the confines of your houses with the help of a computer.

What are Video Slots Online: A Basic Idea

If you are wondering what are video slots online, these video slots online games are nothing but a digital version of the actual slot machines found in real casinos. You start the game by choosing an amount that you would like to bet on and the amount of paylines that you would like to play. The winning prize is directly proportional to the betting amount, that is, more the number of coins, bigger are the winning prize. Your chances of win increases with the increased number of paylines you choose. After every spin the reels start moving. As the reels come to a halt, a combination is formed with different symbols. If your payline matches a winning combination, you get rewarded with prizes. The coin denomination ranging from as low as £0.01allows you to start the game without using a huge sum but at the same time does not bar you from enjoying the rewards available. These online video casinos give you an ample opportunity to win rewards without investing any huge amount. The video slots online games are featured with massive jackpot prizes, majority of them being progressive.

If you have the passion and have faith in your luck, then you try out some of these games. What are video slots online games after all, if not for a dash of adrenaline? The basic idea of all slot games are the same but each game gives you a whole new experience with its distinctive features. With different prize money, betting options, themes and symbols these online video casinos offer a variety of options.

The games developed by NetEnt are absolutely unique and by far are the best online video casinos available on the net. With the best technology, great winning options and massive prize money, the NetEnt video casinos have undoubtedly become the most sought after video casino online games. The games offer you with a wide array of casino games like Robin Hood, Mega Fortune, Egyptian Heroes, Fortune Teller, Jack and the Beanstalk, Pandora’s box, Kings of the Chicago and the list goes on. All these games are a unique combination of fun, excitement, prizes and themes.

What are Video Slots Online: Rules

So, what are video slots online rules? These games follow some general rules. Every game starts by spinning the slot machine. A betting amount has to be fixed and the number of paylines has to be decided by you before each spin. As the movement of the reels stops, you will find certain symbols appearing on the screen. The games consist of basically three symbols- the scatter symbols and the wild symbols each performing different functions.

Winning combinations are made by the appearance of these symbols, which in turn reward you with lucrative prizes. Every game comes with a huge fixed or progressive jackpot that will definitely allure you to try out your luck. The games offer you with an auto play option that allows the game to get started without your presence. The other features like the free spins, multipliers, and bonuses with different variations in each game make the games highly entertaining and interesting.

What are Video Slots Online: Game Play

The most common question that arises when a lot of money is involved in a game is what are video slots online game play options? Every game depends majorly on the betting amounts and the paylines that have been fixed by you. Spins are made and if you are lucky enough, you get a winning combination, with the appearances made by the symbols fetching you great rewards. Therefore, you must properly understand the functions of the various symbols that appear on your screen.

The Scatter symbols are normally used to either multiply your winnings and pay-outs or they are used to trigger a bonus feature. Each game has its own set of rules regarding the Scatter symbols but a fixed number of appearances of these symbols help you in increasing your winning amount.

Unlike the Scatter symbols, the Wild symbols are functioned to substitute other symbols, except Scatter symbols, to form winning combinations rewarding you with great prizes. Knowing what are video slots online winning options definitely helps you have an edge on your luck.

What are Video Slots Online: Themes and Graphics

Every slots game is developed keeping a theme in mind. The themes are derived from famous fairy tales or from famous cartoons or from famous films making the whole experience interesting and attractive. The backgrounds of the games are set up according to the themes. With the help of best technology and state-of-the-art graphics, the games are given a unique look. The symbols are also created in accordance with the themes. The symbols and backgrounds created by using advanced graphics make add colour to it thus making it visually appealing. So, get to know online themes, choose your favourite and enjoy the slotting indulgence.

What are Video Slots Online: Jackpot

You must be eager to know what video slots online jackpot options are. All video slots online games have two types of jackpots namely progressive jackpot and non-progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpots are the ones where the jackpot prize keeps on increasing and accumulating thereby offering you a chance of winning as high as a million pounds.
A non-progressive jackpot offers you with huge fixed prize money, often running into hundreds of thousands. That should give you an idea of the appeal of these games, about what are video slots online and what makes them so attractive.

What are Video Slots Online: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multipliers

What are video slots online without these special brownies? These games are powered with some additional features like free spins, bonuses and multipliers that offer you with great incentives making the game attractive. These features vary from game to game. Usually each required winning combination triggers the free spins and bonuses. The multipliers normally multiply the number of coins that have been put to as high as 5x.
Therefore these video slots online games are entertaining, refreshing and rewarding. With different interesting features, enhancing the chances of your wins makes these games highly appealing and alluring. Now that you know what are video slots online, you can have a blast on the net.